Birthday and pool


The house 

Well except for the fact that we still need to paint the footings of the house and install the new downpipe at the front and the new front door. And except for the fact, that we would really like a new roof, and, and, and…. No truly, we’re so happy with the way it looks now, it’s excactly the way we wanted it from the beginning. But we won’t be finished for a while – there are still lots of projects – big and small – to throw ourselves at. It just looks a lot more finished. Check out the little bathing nymph by the picket fence.  🙂

Celebrating Mads' birthday in the garden 

Yesterday was a great day! We had Mads’ grandmother, mother, and sister down for celebrating his birthday, and the weather was just awesome. We brought out Ronja’s pool, and she spent very close to the entire day in there… I also think Frida enjoyed watching her! (By the way, Frida is wearing this little apron – I just love it!) The first thing Ronja said this morning when getting up was “Where’s my swim suit?” – and right now she’s jumping around in the water.

Ronja in the pool with Frida watching 

The rest of us were benefitting from the good company with drinks, fruit, rolls, and cake. After the guests were gone, Mads and I sat in the garden, just relaxing and enjoying! Ronja was singing and splashing in the pool, Frida was taking a nap, the house was white washed all over, and the garden was just a perfect little oasis with no sounds except for the singing Ronja. Total bliss!

Right now Mads is out biking with the cycling club, but he will be back a bit later, and we’re going to have a quiet day together doing nothing except what we feel like. MMmmmmmm…….

The house 


  1. kathleen says:

    Oh your house is GORGEOUSO! I loathe vinyl siding and cringe everytime I see someone install it over perfectly good stucco. Your backyard is just as perfect. Love the long wild flowers!

  2. Ulla V. says:

    Hvor ser det hyggeligt mens Ronja leger i badebassinet….der har bestemt heller ikke været vejr til andet!!

    Og fødselsdags kaffe under parasollen er vist heller ikke det ringeste man kan foretage sig :0)

    Vi tilbragte dagen igår ved stranden og i dag sejlede vi på fjorden. Skønt….

  3. Jakob says:

    Mads out cycling again!? Great news. I hope they’re using different training methods than the way this Father is training his kid:

    Love the house (repeating myself)!

  4. Frøken Solhat says:

    Smukt stykke arbejde han der har har gjort din Mads, trods varmen :0) Det ser ud til at også I har nydt det gode vejr i week-enden. Var selv lige ved at tro der ville vokse svømmehud frem på mine børn ;0) Kan godt forstå de følte sig bedst tilpas i vandet.

  5. Sarah says:

    Your house is so gorgeous, we are quite envious (because of course I showed it to my husband.) Alas where we live pretty much everything is vinyl siding. Boooooo. We got out our little pool today too and Tabitha got to sit in it for the first time.

  6. Astrid says:

    Helle – tak skal du have, jeg synes også, at vi har det godt! 😉

    Kathleen – Thank you so much! I don’t think vinyl siding is used at all in Denmark. Anyway, my boyfriend and I wanted to use as good materials as possible. That has been our aim.

    Ulla – jeres weekend lyder godt nok også dejlig – sådan en sejltur kunne jeg da godt lige bruge! 🙂

    Jakob – Yep – Mads did a 100 km. He was beat when he returned. And thanks! 🙂

    Frøken Solhat – Ja, hatten af for Mads – helt enig! 🙂 Og vandet er da også bare det bedste sted at være i den varme.

    Sarah – Thank you so much to you and your husband! 🙂 We don’t really have vinyl siding in Denmark – I think it’s a rather American phenomenon? I’m sure Tabitha had a wonderful time – watching the children for the first time in a pool is just great!

  7. rOuge biZoux says:

    Your house is very nice!
    I come from Kitou.
    Well I found funny that my name is Astrid, I live in a home renovated by my husband, I love sewing, …
    kisses from France 😉

  8. Astrid says:

    Kitou – thanks a lot! 😉

    rOuge biZoux/Astrid – It seems we have a few thing in common! I’ll check out your blog – thank you so much for visiting – and you’re welcome back! 🙂

  9. Astrid says:

    Allison – thank you! And so you know – the strawberries are delicious! Yet another praise to the nice old lady who lived here before we did. 😉

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