Music Fleece Sweater

The wonderful fleece sweater that I made for Ronja years ago was lost in New Zealand. Frida had been carrying it on top of her backpack, but at some point while we were waiting to board our plane, it just wasn’t there anymore.

Frida was quite upset about the loss – we even wrote to the airport as well as the café we had lunch from, but it didn’t bring back the sweater.

So I promised Frida to make her a new one. The fleece I used for the last one was such a great quality, so I went back to the same shop. They didn’t have many colours to choose from, but I went with a raspberry fleece that I thought would work well with the mustard Liberty fabric I had in mind for the lining.

Same pattern – Onion #20024 – which you will have to find second hand, if you go looking for it. I even made the same size. The previous sweater that I made for Ronja had been passed down to Frida, and it fit her perfectly.


I made a horse appliqué on the back of the last one – this time Frida wanted a g-key. She takes piano classes, so it seemed appropriate.


In my blog post about the last fleece sweater, I mentioned that it has quite a large hood, and I would probably make it smaller, if I were to make it again. Turns out Frida has been a big fan of the hood, so this one is exactly like the last one.  🙂