Spring apron

I finished a little apron blouse for Frida tonight. I found a pattern for an apron in a Danish sewing book called “Sådan syr du” (“How to sew”) by Rikke Misciattelli, and I totally wanted to see it made with Amy Schimler’s blue bird-fabric. The smallest size in the book is a 74 cl, and since I needed it smaller, I downsized it to what I hope is a 68. Frida was sound asleep in her cradle, when I finished it, but she is soooo wearing it tomorrow. 🙂 In the book it is shown alone as a cute and very light blouse for summer days, but I think it’ll be perfect now with a long-sleeved onesie under it. Can’t wait to see it on her – and see how it fits.

Apron blouse 

Besides that, we’re off to Sweden in the morning. We are going to spend this long weekend with our friends Kristina & Klaus and their two children in a house in the middle of nowhere. It’s situated next to a lake with absolutely no civilization nearby, and we’re hoping for some really nice weather, so that we will be able to spend time outside using the garden, trying the canoe, taking a walk in the forest – and who knows, maybe even making a fire. That is, when we’re not inside enjoying some well-prepared food. Hopefully some nice, relaxing days!

Flowers in Ronja's tree  

In our own garden, it’s really spring now. The buds on the lilac are ready to burst, and Ronja’s tree (the Cherry Plum that we planted when Ronja was born) has been blossoming for almost a week now. Frida’s tree has buds that are red like blood at the moment – it’s so beautiful. Her tree is a Katsura tree – in Danish its common name is “Heart Tree”.


  1. Ulla V. says:

    Jeg slår lige 2 fluer med ét smæk og suuuuuser herind på din blog…..jeg tror du lige havde uploadet til flickr da jeg satte mig! (Deraf hurtigheden ;0) )

    Jeg er også meget glad for Ottobre og har abonneret på deres blad i 4 år nu. De har utrolig mange gode modeller, men jeg synes nu alligevel der ind imellem mangler lidt på drengefronten.
    De har også et magasin med kvindemønstre som ligeledes er meget anvendeligt og godt.

    Jeg håber i får en dejlig tur til Sverige…

  2. Gitte says:

    Hej Astrid,
    Fandt dit link via Ullas hjemmeside. Sikke nogle skønne ting du syr, og jeg er også helt vild med din taske.
    Dejlige piger du har 😉

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