The Charlie Tunic

There are quite a few things that I haven’t shown you during the time when I haven’t had time for blogging. I’m not here to make excuses, blogging doesn’t always fit in with full-time job and that’s just the way it is – however, I am here to show you some of what I didn’t get around to earlier. The Charlie tunic is one of those things.

Sisters wearing Charlie tunics

The pattern is from Made By Rae, and I totally love it. As always with Rae’s patterns, she takes you by the hand, and helps you all the way to the finished garment with different tips for finishing and altering the pattern included. This tunic is just adorable – one of those garments for your children that are great for everyday use, but with the little details that make it special. AND it’s great for boys as well as girls.

Charlie Tunic for Frida

The one I made for Frida was finished quite a while ago, back in November. For that one, I used kind of a light, soft denim quality fabric (not really sure what it is – has a bit of a viscose feel to it), and Liberty fabric for the facings. I have chosen the same materials for the one for Ronja, only with a different Liberty print from my stash.

Charlie Tunic for Frida - neck facing detail

Since then, Ronja has been on my back for making her one, but with my new job and everything else that has been going on, it was just difficult to find time and energy. Now, this past weekend, I got around to it. The pattern doesn’t go further than a size 5T, and Ronja is 7 years old, but not that big of her age, and quite slim. So, I took the 5T, added 1½ inch to the length, and a little less than an inch to the sleeves. If you do something like this, remember to work in the added length in the vent facings as well – I had to cut new pieces for the vent facings, because I didn’t think of that at first. So this is the result that I finished 2 days ago.

Charlie tunic for Ronja

I have to say, I didn’t choose the buttons. I was going with some wooden apple-buttons, but Ronja wouldn’t hear of it. So now it has pink heart-buttons. Not quite a match if you ask me – but oh well…

Ronja wearing her Charlie tunic

And now that I mention Rae, if you are not already taking part in her Spring Top Sewalong, get on it – it runs until April 22nd, so there is plenty of time to make your own top and enter it! The competition is fierce this year, and being one of the proud judges, I can safely say, there are no easy decisions this year! Click the banner below to check out how it all works.

Spring Top Sewalong 2012



  1. Millie says:

    Two lovely tunics on two lovely girls!
    I am always amazed to see your children growing up so quickly…will Frida start school this year?

  2. Astrid says:

    Millie – I don’t want to scare you completely, but your kids are growing up just as fast as mine! 🙂 Frida isn’t starting school until next year, she is still only 4 years old. But she WISH she was starting this year, I tell you! 😉
    Gitte – tusinde tak! 🙂

  3. AB says:

    Hvor er det en flot tunika. Og jeg elsker de pink knapper! De bryder og gør det mindre pænt. Og passer alligevel flot til helheden.

  4. Astrid says:

    Haha, AB – du er god. Velkommen hjem! Jeg kan også godt lide knapperne. Og jeg fik da skabt en rød tråd med mit pink mærke nederst… 😉 Men jeg kunne nu også godt lide min træ-æbleknapper…

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