Weekend With Women And Glass Works

Late this afternoon, I arrived home after a weekend of bloggers meetup and birthday celebration of our host – a welcome getaway with the wonderful group of women, that I am getting to know and treasure a little more for every time we get together. The meetups always leave me with some degree of sleep deprivation, yet a ton of creative energy and inspiration.

This particular weekend, I tried something awesome.


This is me, attempting to make a glass bead in Anne‘s lovely glass studio. She makes beautiful glass jewellery, and I loved getting the chance to try. I wear purple safety glasses, that block the bright yellow flare to help me see what I am doing, and to protect my eyes. I just tried to make the one bead, but I would definitely want to try this again some time.

The flame from the torch is really, really, really hot, so I wanted to keep my focus – I think this shows in the picture.

Making a glass bead

I chose a rose colour, but I think it changed a bit. Can’t wait to see what colour is is, when it has spend its time in the kiln (special oven).


I can see why this can turn into an obsession – finding the perfect colours and making them work together, seems to me rather like collecting fabric.

Anne in her glass studio

This is Anne working her magic – she describes it as her zen. Again, I see parallels to sewing…

Warming up the glass

It looks so easy when Anne is handling the torch, glass, and mandrel – it is NOT. 🙂

Anne working

A penny for your thoughts?

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