Our little one

Playing - in her new overalls 

I have been wanting to write a bit about Frida. She’s 16 months now, and still our little one, but then again, she’s not all that little anymore. Her personality develops with every day that passes, and it is a joy to see! She really does light up a room and most of the time she’s just a bundle of joy! She has a will that surpasses several of those in the otherwise strong-willed people in this family, and she can definitely be a handful! Above you see her wearing the Puuheppa overalls – did I mention I love them?!

She walks now as her preferred choice of transport, but she didn’t give up crawling easily – still turns to that, when she finds it useful. Teaching her how to eat on her own is coming along slowly. It took our little handball player a while to stop throwing forks, plates, and cups (and anything else for that matter) through the air, whenever one was within reach. It’s almost under control now, and she does drink and eat on her own – when the food permits and it suits her…

Afternoon biscuit

And talking of playing handball – she is pretty good at throwing a ball, and sometimes she nearly even catches it when it’s thrown to her. We have been joking with her throwing everything, but it seems to be working, ’cause she’s rather good, and Ronja loves to play ball with her! Earlier it was sometimes hard to entertain her, but at the moment, she has become quite good at playing by herself for a while, concentrating on a toy or a book.

Looking out  More modeled pants

Getting older for Frida also means closing in on the palate surgery. As I have mentioned before, she has a cleft palate which is going to be closed in surgery when she’s approximately 18 months old. We don’t know the excact date, because they’re unable to give us a specific date earlier than about 3-5 weeks prior to the surgery. So during the coming two months, we need to get her off the night-bottle – she still has a small bottle of warm milk before she goes to sleep. And what’s worse, we have to wean her off the dummy! Good thing she’s so fond of her security blankets – that’s going to help us in the process.

Afternoon sky 

Meanwhile, she still sleeps like a baby during the night – and I know a lot of people to whom that would mean sleepless nights, crying, days of an unimaginable tiredness that only parents understand, etc. Not here though, in this house the term ‘sleeping like a baby’ covers sleep from 6.30 p.m. to 6.30 a.m.

Altogether, she’s just one lovely little girl!


  1. teri says:

    oh my! she is beautiful! the overalls look even better on such a pretty little model. best of luck on the surgery. i can only imagine how hard that will be for you.

    frida sounds like a delightful little girl.

  2. Annette says:

    Skønne billeder!
    Da vores børn (især Emil) lærte at gå, var der en lang periode (flere måneder), hvor de stadig foretrak at kravle, og det var en langsom overgang. Sjovt, som det er forskelligt fra barn til barn.
    Det glæder mig at se Mozart på klaveret i baggrunden ;o)

  3. Ria says:

    Hi Astrid,
    I liked to read this post about Frida. My boy is 3 1/2 years old now, and already I’m beginning to forget those precious time when he learned to walk and explore the world. Your post brough me back to those times. I loved those laughing photo.

  4. Astrid says:

    Teri – thanks! The surgery will be a tough thing to go through, but we’re not the ones to meet trouble halfway, and the doctors are very good at this type of surgery, so I’m sure it’s going to be ok!

    Annette – Ja, det er helt enormt forskelligt – vi har i hvert fald fået to børn, der er så forskellige som dag og nat. Mozart står der ofte – det er klaversonater. Jeg har spillet rigtig meget tidligere, men det er svært nu, for børnene vil ikke give mig lov – de vil op og sidde på skødet og spille med… 😉

    Ria – how wonderful to hear from you again – hope you are well! It is a precious time indeed – I love seeing her learn stuff and have personal successes. 🙂

  5. Tracy says:

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    At your convenience please call me at 1-888-455-2940 ext. 214 or you may email me at tracy@fabric.com.

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