Midsummer Evening

Monday evening was Midsummer Evening. This specific evening has always been a favourite of mine – I love the fact that we gather around bonfires throughout the country and sing “Midsommervisen” – the Midsummer song.

Bonfire of Midsummer Evening

Adults and children form circles around the bonfires to look into the fire, celebrate Midsummer, and enjoy the evening. The children stay up [way too] late, and so do their parents. I have always thought that the bonfire should be on a beach by the sea, but now that I’m becoming a part of this local community, I think we ought to support the local initatives. And even though the bonfire by the woods, behind the church didn’t last that long, the event had the perfect atmosphere – bringing together people from around the area. Before going, we had invited Rikke (from the mothers group) and Martin for strawberries from the garden, and later – after the bonfire – we sat talking at their place until it was rather late, and we went back to our place to put the girls to bed. Perfect evening in good company. It is so nice to have made new friends – and when they live 150 m away it just makes everything easier!

Køge Kirke Picture borrowed from Danish Wikipedia

Yesterday Frida and I went to psalm singing for mothers and babies at Køge Church for the first time. I wasn’t quite clear about this in my last post on the topic, so if you want a bit of details, see my answer for Sarah in this post. The priest is a young woman who is clearly very enthusiastic about making something good, so I was positively surprised. The acoustics at the church are perfect for singing children’s songs, and the church was warm and great for the purpose. We finished in a house adjacent to the church, feeding the babies and having a cup of coffee. I’m definitely looking forward to next time, and I think Frida enjoyed it as well!

This past weekend was spent at some good friends’ wedding in Funen – which is also the reason why I haven’t posted anything in a few days. They were married Saturday, and it was a beautiful wedding. While Ronja stayed at Mads’ mother’s place, Frida came along for the wedding, and she was such a well-behaved baby. Still, I think Frida as well as Ronja need a few days with a little less action, returning to more normal bedtimes. Below you see a picture of the couple and the very nice Jaguar that transported the newlyweds from the church.

Line and Bubi's weddingday


  1. Frøken Solhat says:

    Det er en skøn tradition Astrid – selv om vejret ofte spiller os et pus netop denne aften.

    Vi var samlet 10 voksne og 10 børn børn til grill og hygge og vi formåede faktisk for første gang nogen sinde at komme for sent til bålet… heksen var fløjet da vi nåede frem;0)

  2. Astrid says:

    Åh, det lyder ellers også dejligt. Det var ikke helt grill-vejr her – ellers havde vi nok gjort noget tilsvarende. Det blæste simpelthen for meget – og vi orkede ikke lige det store middagsarrangement, efter en weekend med bryllup osv. 🙂 Bare rolig, der er nok en heks igen næste år. 😉

  3. Jakob says:

    I remember that we used to go to the DCH (http://www.dch-danmark.dk/) Midsummer evenings when we were living in the far North of Denmark.

    There the atmosphere was much the same, and there’d be little games and treasure hunts for everyone during the evening.

    Great tradition.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hello! I am fascinated and charmed to learn about this tradition! What a wonderful idea. We don’t do anything to celebrate here, though I’ve often though we ought to have late night picnics or do something. I also enjoyed reading more about your psalm sing. (Right now I’m away at a conference for a whole week-it’s only been a day but I miss my kids already)

  5. Lisa says:

    Oh, what a wonderful tradition. Think of all the memories you are making with your girls. I am jealous, in California we don’t have many community traditions…

  6. Astrid says:

    Jakob – I don’t really remember that, I think For me it’s more the bonfires on the beach in Nyborg and the atmosphere there – seeing the bonfires all the way down the coast. But you’re right, great tradition!

    Amy – At least when it comes to Sankt Hans (Midsummer Evening) I won’t argue – it is magical! 🙂

    Sarah – It’s a beautiful tradition, and I love it. But hey – why don’t you just go ahead and start the tradition with a late night picnic – it sounds wonderful! LOL – I miss my children too when I have been away from them for 5 minutes. However, remember to enjoy the fact that you’re out on your own as an adult! 😉

    Lisa – what a beautiful way to see it – making memories! And you’re right – maybe you should pick up on Sarah’s (above) idea of making a late night picnic… 🙂

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