Kindergarten dress

So I promised to tell you what I was making yesterday, and this is it:

Kindergarten dress - mosaic

The last two dresses I have made for Ronja have been kind of “dressy” and not really suitable for wearing to kindergarten. Yesterday when Ronja once again announced that she wanted to wear a dress to kindergarten, it made me think, that I should make more things for her that were meant for everyday wear. I wanted it to be simple without too much detail work, but at the same time something nice, that she would want to wear. For simple things that are easy to sew up, I look to Onion patterns (Danish Onion siteEnglish Onion site). That is really one of the things, that I love about Onion – they are just so easy; easy to trace, because there are hardly any overlaps in the pattern sheet, and easy to sew, because of the detailed instructions – perfect for not having to think too much. Which is, with the amount of sleep I’m getting now that Frida gets up at 4:45 am, a very important asset. If you are a beginner, and you want to start sewing on your own, I so recommend Onion.

This pattern was one of the first patterns I ever made, back in February when I started sewing. I made a dress that was more wintery with a sturdy velour and long sleeves. This time I wanted to make something that was definitely meant for summer, and I wanted it to have cheerful colours. Once I had these fabrics layed out next to each other, I had no doubt, they were going to be the ones. I once again ended up with a Sandi Henderson fabric from the Ginger Blossom-line, and this time I matched it with a red and white gingham. I altered the neckline that is originally made with a tie-string in the pattern to have an elastic instead. I think tie-strings are mostly trouble, and at the kindergarten they actually don’t allow them, because of the suffocating-risk.

Now, one of the things I wasn’t so happy about with the last dress I made using this pattern, was how I made the pockets. The pockets for both dresses is something I added, but last time I interfaced the pockets a bit too heavily, so that it kind of destroyed the draping of the dress. I wanted one pocket on this dress, and since the gingham is a very light quality, I decided to interface it with a light interfacing, and then cross my fingers that the dress would still drape nicely. And it does!

This was a very easy project (everybody in the blog world is talking about how some projects are quick and easy – I think it’ll be a while yet before I describe sewing a garment as ‘quick’ – LOL), but I must say I love this dress! I really like the colouring as well as the shape of it. Things don’t have to be complicated in order to be beautiful – this is probably one of my own favourites!


  1. Jeannine McCloskey says:

    I love this dress. Your color combination and fabric combination are great, and yes the pattern may be simple to you, but it is also the simplicity of the pattern that makes it look so beautiful. I will have to look into Onion. Never heard of them. Where do you get these patterns? Maybe my mom can get some in Germany. Beautiful girl Astrid.

  2. Hanne says:

    Sådan skal den skæres. Der er også rigtig fede pigekjoler i diverse japanske blade, som er til købs rundt omkring på nettet.

  3. Ria says:

    Hi Astrid,
    Love the dress, the green and red. I know what you mean with the ‘quick and easy’ mantra. Although I sew a lot and have been doing so since 3 years now, I never am able to do anything fast. I’m so wondering how these Americans fit in 2 T-shirts in one evening, a trouser in one hour and so on. It simply won’t work for me. So now I’m surrending to the notion that I’m a slow sewer, halfheartedly.
    Greetings from sunny Holland, Ria

  4. Carla says:

    What lovely colours – quite inspirational Astrid. I’d to sew something for my children Olle (4yrs), Rose (2yrs, and Luka (6months). I’ve just bought a lovely sewing maching so no excuses left really. I’ll just keep visiting your site. You give me courage to make a start!

  5. Astrid says:

    Jeannine – thanks! 😉 I added some links to the post, as Onion has a Danish as well as an English site.

    Hanne – tak skal du have! Jeg er faktisk i gang med at kigge lidt mere på japanske mønsterblade og -bøger. Så må vi se, hvad det bliver til! 😉

    Ria – Thanks for your comment – I’m soooo glad, that you know what I mean! I’m never going to be able to do the quick sewing-thing! Thanks again – from one slow sewer to another! 😀

    Carla – thank you so much – I’m so happy to know that I inspire you with what I make! I bought myself a new Pfaff 2026 after 1 month of sewing on an ooooold Brother. Sewing is a wonderful thing to relax with – it’s not that difficult, just takes some patience and determination. You go girl! (By the way, your children have beautiful names!) 🙂

  6. Kitou says:

    very beautiful
    I like the retro fabric and gingham fabrics too. It’s look like japanese patterns.

  7. Lisa says:

    What a cute dress! Great color combination, perfect for the summer. I was planning to make a similar dress for my little one, but now I will for sure use a contrasting color for the sleeves.

  8. Astrid says:

    Kitou – thanks! I am looking into the Japanese patterns, but I haven’t bought any books yet…

    Cecile – thank you so much, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    Asnipofgoodness – Thank you! 😉

    Mellissa – thanks! This would be beautiful with Amy Schimler’s bird-fabric as well!

    Lisa – thank you! I like the contrasts – it makes each fabric stand out more clearly, I think.

    Kay – Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. Tanya says:

    I would have NEVER put red w/the green, but it looks fabulous!! Good job on matching those two patterns up.

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