Exit Christmas – Enter 2008!

The Christmas Tree

Yesterday the Christmas tree left the living room. With dignity – not many needles were lost during its stay here. The tree was brought home by all 4 of us in the beginning of December. It has been the first Christmas that we have hosted, so of course we wanted to try and do it as well as possible – trying to honour each family’s traditions. I think everything went well, and we had a really nice Christmas eve here with the entire family. In the evening of the rather passive 1st of January we lit up the tree again to enjoy it once more before I escorted it outside.

And now we have some space here again – the living room is not quite big enough for a tree that size. Speaking of that – we did also have this kind of crazy project with the living room in the middle of December. All the furniture was removed from the room, as the ceiling and walls were painted and the floor was oiled. We had our meals up in Frida’s room, and the girls and I stayed mainly upstairs, when we were at home. Well, well – I’m not going to say much about it, except it was finished in time for Christmas – and I’m glad it’s done!

So it’s 2008.


Frida is doing pretty good, gaining weight as she should and each day becoming more active and curious. She discovered her feet a few days ago and they have been the big hit. Other than that the hero-status still belongs to the jumping mouse above her changing table, and the racing bees above the bed. Not forgetting the big sister! All the before mentioned have a good chance of collecting a smile or even an enthusiastic laugh from Frida – Mads and I still have to work quite a bit harder to be rewarded with that kind of gesture. 😉 (Link to more pictures of Frida is found in the navigation bar to the right.)


Ronja returned to kindergarten yesterday after our Christmas holidays, and the change in rhythm was much needed. Her boring old folks are definitely not enough entertainment for her, so it was great to see how she ran off with her friends as soon as we arrived at the kindergarten. The picture of her that I have posted is actually one that Mads took in October when we went to Vallø with Jolanda and Jakob – I just think it’s a really nice shot!

Today I met with my mothers’ group which is always nice. I think today was the 4th time we met, and we just always have a really nice time together. We seem to have loads to talk about (not just the babies…) and they’re all really nice. Also it’s a great way to get a network in a town where you don’t know too many people. The children are quite similar in age as they were born over a period of a month and a half. Frida is the 2nd oldest, but she is still the smallest of the babies because of her early birth. However, I’m sure she’ll catch up!

In general, there are many more pictures on my Flickr account. I just haven’t gotten around to posting the galleries here yet – I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


  1. Ulla V. says:

    Hej Astrid!

    Tak for din søde kommentar på min lille blog….

    Din er bestemt også god læsning – sikke en omgang i har været igennem med at renovere jeres hus. Vi har et hus fra 1912 så vi kender turen og har også stået for det hele selv ;0)

    Mht. hvor jeg køber stof så tag et kig på disse sider..

    Der er en rigtig fin stofbutik på nettet som hedder:


    Har du set denne danske side?


    Jeg kigger forbi din side igen….

  2. Katja says:

    Altså du bliver nødt til at være lidt bedre til at opdatere 🙂 Siger jeg der selv sjofler min blog fra tid til anden.

    Godt at høre i har det godt dernede sydpå

    Knus Katja

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