Christmas Eve came and went. The pixies have been up since December 1st, and the girls have each counted down by opening a small present every day. In case you don’t all know, in Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th, which was yesterday. In spite of the vast amounts of snow that doesn’t make crossing the country (or the continent) any easier, the whole family managed to get here - our mothers, my older brother with his family, my younger brother, and Mads’ sister. Mads had prepared the bestest Christmas dinner, and everybody ate way more than they could, which is exactly the way it should be. We lit the candles on the Christmas tree, danced around the tree singing Christmas songs, and presents were distributed generously to the great (over-)excitement of the three children. I think we had a wonderful evening.

Our Christmas tree

Today we went for a walk – not a long one because it is sooooo cold here at the moment. We have been down to minus 18 degrees Celsius which is around 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and though it’s not quite that cold now, it’s still freezing outside.

Christmas Day - out for a family walk

Now everyone left, we almost have the house back to normal, and Mads and I are enjoying a quiet evening. And I want to show you my new SEWING ROOM. At least that’s what I call it. It’s been work in progress for a little while:

So, check out my new hide out slash creative space!

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

The entire room, which will be serving as our bedroom as well. The new cabinets are all IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

My table – my sewing machines are still under the table, but that is just because I haven’t used the room much yet – we only finished it a bit more than a week ago, and it’s been Christmas, you know.

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

2.7 meters of oak table top – I got this from Homeworks.dk, and I’m actually quite happy with their service. Most of the places that sell table tops the measurements I needed, are considerably more expensive.

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

Room for my patterns and sewing magazines.

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

Full closet for fabric, tools and all kinds of stuff that I need for my sewing.

I really love the room, and I can tell I will be using it a lot for all kinds of stuff – Frida has already spotted the opportunity to come sort her mother’s stuff, while I’m working with something else in there. LOVE it! I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present.

So there it is – A Very Merry Christmas to all of you guys out there!

Let me see… Now where do I click in order to create a new post – ok, found it.

Hi guys – long time no see. I want to start out by saying thank you SO much for the concern in shape of comments, as well as emails and messages on Facebook and Flickr. Don’t ever think you can just wander off in the blogosphere and disappear – no siree! I’ve missed you all, but I had to take a break, due to – busy life, I guess. No blogging as you know (not even blogreading), no sewing, and the camera has been taking a bit of a vacation.

Where were we? Oh yes, the kitchen arrived and was installed. The pictures below give an impression of what it all looks like now, if you want to see more, go here.

Kitchen pix - almost there

Kitchen pix - the kitchen sink

Kitchen pix - towards the living room

We are missing a few details, but we love the kitchen, and we so enjoy using it. The finishing touches will be there when we feel like it. The pictures were taken on a sunny day in December, and they don’t even quite show the kitchen the way it looks now, because some wall cupboards are missing, but I’ll show you sooner or later.

But so many other things happened during November and December, and I’ll just leave the very short version here – wouldn’t know where to start otherwise. In November they had mass lay offs at Mads’ work, which happily he avoided. Frida’s hearing kept getting worse, followed closely by her speech, which caused her to have new ear tubes inserted in December – it’s all much better now. My father passed away late November, which kept me busy emotionally and led to lots of thoughts. We all went to funeral in December, and in spite of the occasion we had a nice day with the family. And then of course winter colds, flus and the likes to top it all off. Just before Christmas Frida had the chickenpox, followed closely by Ronja on the morning of New Years Eve.

Frida and Mom

We have had our share to deal with over the last couple of months, but during the Christmas break we have done nothing but relax. Nothing! Stayed at home, gone for walks, watched movies with the girls, had friends over for dinner, spent an afternoon at Tivoli’s Christmas Market as we do every year. It has been great, and we could’ve easily spent another month like that.

Out finding a Christmas tree

That’s pretty much it for now – but I won’t be gone long this time. Finally I just want to show you the beautiful picture of Ronja walking in a Lucia parade in the day care – even though it has been a while. :)


I’m in the train right now – on my way home from work. It’s getting dark – and by the time I reach our house the light will be all gone. I wanted to post about 2008 one last time – just a few pictures to show you what we were up to in December.

It was a busy month. With me starting my new job, and all of us taking turns in having sore throats and then some. And Christmas of course – I know I wrote a bit about that already, but our traditions in December are very important to me and my family, so even though they do add a bit to the general bustle, we’re just not letting go of those.

Like going to the Tivoli Christmas market – Mads and I have been going there every year since we met, and it’s become quite an important event.

Tivoli Christmas Market 2008 

Tivoli Christmas Market 2008 

A while ago, we had some snow, and Mads and Ronja went sledding. I wasn’t feeling good at the time, and Frida was having a cold, so we stayed behind. I do hope we get another snow fall during this winter – you never know.

 First sled ride this winter

On Boxing Day we went for the traditional Christmas lunch with my side of the family, which is always a cosy event. We don’t get together too often, so this annual event is much anticipated. After lunch Ronja and I went with a few others for a walk by the fjord. Ronja had a cold, so she and I didn’t go quite as far as the others, but then we had a quiet mom-and-daughter moment instead.


I’m not going to say more about 2008. Now it’s all about 2009, and 2 days ago I actually managed to do some sewing. Just a pair of pants for Frida, which were needed, but I do hope that I will have more time for my sewing now that we’ve entered the new year. I don’t have any new years resolutions this year in particular – just looking forward to the new year in general.


We said our goodbyes to the Christmas tree yesterday evening, as we lit the candles and enjoyed the tree once more.

Christmas tree 

This afternoon, I packed the decorations in boxes, put them away, and moved the tree outside. We were so worried as to how we would keep Frida away from the tree with decorations and all, but actually it has been no problem at all. She did manage to rip one Christmas heart today, though – but still, that’s not too bad.

JulehjerteWe had a very nice Christmas – my family arrived on the 23rd of December, and in the evening we had the traditional rice porridge. Afterwards we just kind of hung out – decorated the Christmas tree, made some new Christmas ornaments, woven Christmas hearts among others (you can see some cool ones here), talked, and had a really cosy evening.

The 24th was all about getting everything ready for the evening, which is when we celebrate Christmas in Denmark. Mads’ mother and sister arrived just before we all walked to the church to attend the 3 o’clock service, and after that we returned home to have Christmas dinner. The girls had something to eat, and afterwards – well, see for yourself…

And where were the girls? 

It’s hard for a 4-year old like Ronja to find the patience for Christmas Eve – having to go through a looong dinner before we get to the – in her view – fun part. Knowing that we will be dancing around the Christmas tree and opening presents later on makes the wait terribly hard. We did get to it, and Frida stayed awake for the whole thing - which I would never have expected. Dancing around the Christmas tree in our family, is something we enjoy a lot - this year however, we did have to sing less carols than usually, because Ronja was impatient, and Frida was showing signs of being overtired. Still, Christmas just makes more sense, when you have children around.  :)

Everything went well. Ronja loved her presents (which is important), and I believe everyone else was happy as well. Mads and I went to bed at 2 a.m. after a long, but wonderful Christmas Eve, spent in good company.

 Ronja's tree - dressed for December

Christmas has moved into our yellow house by the station. Entering December means entering a month of expectations and cosiness, and a month that has a different pace to it. 

 The Advent wreath

The Advent wreath is lit every Sunday afternoon, starting with one candle, and then lighting one more each Sunday. We usually sit around it with tea or hot chocolate, and have some nice family time.

Advent calendar pixie  

Ronja’s Advent calendar is a pixie that’s hanging on the door to the living room. The pixie itself is from a Danish design company, called Maileg, and I altered it a little bit, by adding little brass rings to each pocket. I found that I could never make any of her presents fit into the tiny pockets, so I tied them to the rings instead. Which is ok actually, because I really like the way it looks this way. I try to make the presents look pretty – in my opinion half the joy of opening these presents, which are not very pricy at all, lie in the expectation, and the excitement of unwrapping – so the look, the feel, and the sound is important.

Frida's Advent calendar for the Advent Sundays 

For Frida, as I mentioned earlier, I made a smaller Advent calendar with a present for each Advent Sunday. Her presents are kept in a small basket at the piano. They have little numbers on them, and Ronja helps her find the present with the right number.

The Advent candle 

We light the Advent candle every day to help us count down the days until the 24th.

As you know I started working Monday. These past few workdays have left me feeling very tired in the evening, while at the same time uplifted, because I love to be learning. My new colleagues have been so nice to me, and everyone is really helpful and forthcoming, so I have every reason to be optimistic about the future. During next week, I’ll be spending two days on training in Newcastle, which I think will be pretty exciting. Mads is just getting used to his new role. Today he took Frida to “legestue” – I don’t know what the English word is, but it’s a place, you can go to with your child, if he or she is not in daycare. There are other children for Frida to play with, and other parents for Mads to talk to, and the way he has described it to me, it was great for Frida as well as himself. It’s a little bit strange, that he and Frida will be doing so much together that I have no part in, but that’s something I will have to get used to.

I’m writing this in the train on my way home, and it’s snowing outside. It does take me a while to get to work, so I guess blogging, reading, and listening to music will be nice ways to spend my time on the train. I don’t have web access on the train, so I’ll have to hold the posting until I get home. Maybe I should get myself a mobile broadband connection…