All I Want For Christmas


Christmas Eve came and went. The pixies have been up since December 1st, and the girls have each counted down by opening a small present every day. In case you don’t all know, in Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th, which was yesterday. In spite of the vast amounts of snow that doesn’t make crossing the country (or the continent) any easier, the whole family managed to get here – our mothers, my older brother with his family, my younger brother, and Mads’ sister. Mads had prepared the bestest Christmas dinner, and everybody ate way more than they could, which is exactly the way it should be. We lit the candles on the Christmas tree, danced around the tree singing Christmas songs, and presents were distributed generously to the great (over-)excitement of the three children. I think we had a wonderful evening.

Our Christmas tree

Today we went for a walk – not a long one because it is sooooo cold here at the moment. We have been down to minus 18 degrees Celsius which is around 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and though it’s not quite that cold now, it’s still freezing outside.

Christmas Day - out for a family walk

Now everyone left, we almost have the house back to normal, and Mads and I are enjoying a quiet evening. And I want to show you my new SEWING ROOM. At least that’s what I call it. It’s been work in progress for a little while:

So, check out my new hide out slash creative space!

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

The entire room, which will be serving as our bedroom as well. The new cabinets are all IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

My table – my sewing machines are still under the table, but that is just because I haven’t used the room much yet – we only finished it a bit more than a week ago, and it’s been Christmas, you know.

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

2.7 meters of oak table top – I got this from , and I’m actually quite happy with their service. Most of the places that sell table tops the measurements I needed, are considerably more expensive.

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

Room for my patterns and sewing magazines.

Our finished bed room and my new sewing room

Full closet for fabric, tools and all kinds of stuff that I need for my sewing.

I really love the room, and I can tell I will be using it a lot for all kinds of stuff – Frida has already spotted the opportunity to come sort her mother’s stuff, while I’m working with something else in there. LOVE it! I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present.

So there it is – A Very Merry Christmas to all of you guys out there!


  1. Di says:

    Merry Christmas. It sounds like you had a lovely family day. We did too but it was only my mum, dad, brother and I. Cold here in Scotland as well – lots of snow still lying. I’ll try to go for a walk tomorrow – been too busy or too lazy till now!

  2. AB says:

    Glædelig Jul Astrid. Hvor er det et dejligt værelse I har fået indrettet der. Så hyggeligt og varmt samtidig med at det er funktionelt og praktisk.

    Mange knus fra AB

  3. Astrid says:

    Di – I have been used to smaller Christmases as well, and I like both versions for different reasons, actually. I do hope we’re not in for one of those winters that holds back the spring till it’s almost meant to be summer, but at the moment, let’s focus on the sled ride potential. 🙂

    AB – knus til dig også! Og jeg mener det – jeg er SÅ glad for det værelse. Min hule! 🙂

  4. Millie says:

    Merry Christmas to you all! We had a quiet day, just our children and us two. We did have a couple of visitors, in the evening, but not for dinner.
    It has been colder here than I have ever seen it before….-15 at times. We are hoping it is going to thaw today.
    Your room is wonderful….may you have many happy, productive hours in there. (I meant sewing btw!!) I am sort of working on making a sewing space for myself, you have inspired me!…again!

  5. Mor says:

    Det er SÅ flot!
    Julebillederne er fine og siger også meget om vores hyggelige jul hos jer: God planlægning, herlig mad og godt selskab.
    Dejligt at se vores tre små piger Ronja, Frida og Marlinde finde så godt ud af det sammen.

  6. Trine Kok says:

    Årh, Astrid – så går man her og spekulerer over hvordan det mon går hos dig, og vupti, så er du lige her.
    Du er så smuk, og sikke et værelse – jeg er gul og grøn og synes du fortjener det lækreste kreahjørne.
    Glædelig jul til jer allesammen, mange knus fra Trine

  7. Sarah says:

    Merry Christmas, Astrid! What a lovely tree. The candles are amazing! 🙂 I love your new sewing room, too. So chic and organized. Love the clever storage.

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