We said our goodbyes to the Christmas tree yesterday evening, as we lit the candles and enjoyed the tree once more.

Christmas tree

This afternoon, I packed the decorations in boxes, put them away, and moved the tree outside. We were so worried as to how we would keep Frida away from the tree with decorations and all, but actually it has been no problem at all. She did manage to rip one Christmas heart today, though – but still, that’s not too bad.

We had a very nice Christmas – my family arrived on the 23rd of December, and in the evening we had the traditional rice porridge. Afterwards we just kind of hung out – decorated the Christmas tree, made some new Christmas ornaments, woven Christmas hearts among others (you can see some cool ones here), talked, and had a really cosy evening.

The 24th was all about getting everything ready for the evening, which is when we celebrate Christmas in Denmark. Mads’ mother and sister arrived just before we all walked to the church to attend the 3 o’clock service, and after that we returned home to have Christmas dinner. The girls had something to eat, and afterwards – well, see for yourself…

And where were the girls?

It’s hard for a 4-year old like Ronja to find the patience for Christmas Eve – having to go through a looong dinner before we get to the – in her view – fun part. Knowing that we will be dancing around the Christmas tree and opening presents later on makes the wait terribly hard. We did get to it, and Frida stayed awake for the whole thing – which I would never have expected. Dancing around the Christmas tree in our family, is something we enjoy a lot – this year however, we did have to sing less carols than usually, because Ronja was impatient, and Frida was showing signs of being overtired. Still, Christmas just makes more sense, when you have children around.  🙂

Everything went well. Ronja loved her presents (which is important), and I believe everyone else was happy as well. Mads and I went to bed at 2 a.m. after a long, but wonderful Christmas Eve, spent in good company.


  1. Tara says:

    Maybe I’m actually Danish, because I prefer to celebrate on the 24th, I feel that by the 25th, it’s over. I’m ready to pack it all up and put it away. Hope yours was a great one, it looked fabulous!

  2. Jeannine McCloskey says:

    We had the same problem last year. The kids were so impatient to sit through dinner, and almost nothing was eaten by them. However, this year we had Christmas in the morning, and believe me Astrid, watching them squirm is well worth the enjoyment. I will never pass up my german tradition again.

    I would like to take the decorations down, however it will have to wait until New Year. I usually hate to dispose of the tree, so I place it outside on my terrace full of lights (no decorations) and enjoy it for another month or so. I cannot wait to have the clutter gone either.
    Merry Christmas. The girls look adorable.

  3. Creature of Habit says:

    Happy New Year Astrid!

    I have a little treat for you… could you email me your addy? afinlarc at yahoo is my email….

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and I wish you a tremendous 2009!

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