I think the mailwomen around here have been kind of confused for a while. And people we know (who know where we live) have passed our house, when coming to see us, because it doesn’t look like it used to – and there has been no number.

The new house number 

There is now! We were lucky enough to find it second-hand at frou-frou.dk - it’s kind of expensive to buy new, and now we get a number with a past, allowing us to guess where it has spent its previous life… I’m going to see if I can make a name plate for the mailbox in photoshop to match the design of the housenumber. Again, it would be nice to buy a real one, but that’ll have to wait, because the name plates like that cost a small fortune!

Mads installed our new front door yesterday and fixed the finish around the door this evening. The door actually isn’t all that new, since we bought it along with the new windows way back in August 2006. It has been living in the garage ever since. It has windows in it, and yesterday I was going for the door several times, thinking someone forgot to close it. C’mon, girl – that’s just your new light in the hallway… :) I do love the way it lets lots and lots of light into our hallway, but we still need to get used to the fact that you can actually see through the front door – amazingly, it works both ways, so you have to consider how you look before people come up to the door, and not just after they ring the doorbell! That’s right, we also put up the doorbell, which has been down since the house was sandblasted late April. Once we get the lamp back up as well, I promise I’ll post a picture of how it all looks. In the meantime you’ll have to do with my anemone japonica.

Mother and child 

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The house 

Well except for the fact that we still need to paint the footings of the house and install the new downpipe at the front and the new front door. And except for the fact, that we would really like a new roof, and, and, and…. No truly, we’re so happy with the way it looks now, it’s excactly the way we wanted it from the beginning. But we won’t be finished for a while – there are still lots of projects – big and small – to throw ourselves at. It just looks a lot more finished. Check out the little bathing nymph by the picket fence.  :)

Celebrating Mads' birthday in the garden 

Yesterday was a great day! We had Mads’ grandmother, mother, and sister down for celebrating his birthday, and the weather was just awesome. We brought out Ronja’s pool, and she spent very close to the entire day in there… I also think Frida enjoyed watching her! (By the way, Frida is wearing this little apron – I just love it!) The first thing Ronja said this morning when getting up was “Where’s my swim suit?” – and right now she’s jumping around in the water.

Ronja in the pool with Frida watching 

The rest of us were benefitting from the good company with drinks, fruit, rolls, and cake. After the guests were gone, Mads and I sat in the garden, just relaxing and enjoying! Ronja was singing and splashing in the pool, Frida was taking a nap, the house was white washed all over, and the garden was just a perfect little oasis with no sounds except for the singing Ronja. Total bliss!

Right now Mads is out biking with the cycling club, but he will be back a bit later, and we’re going to have a quiet day together doing nothing except what we feel like. MMmmmmmm…….

The house 

Getting there  

Above you see the end wall of our house a few hours ago, just before the light disappeared, leaving the sky to the almost full moon.

Mads managed to white wash the entire end wall after work today! To us it looks wonderful – being something that we have waited for for a long time. The colour (oxide yellow) still has to dry before we can get the correct impression of it, and it was just a bit dark, when Mads finished tonight, but I simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to take a picture of it. I love the fact that it creates such a stark contrast to the white windows, and I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like in sunshine. Mads isn’t quite done with all of the woodworks, but he has to get the tall end walls done first, since we have been lucky enough to borrow a scaffold. We can only keep it over the weekend, so first projects are woodworks and white wash on both end walls.

White washing the house - mosaic  

When we got up this morning, the rain gutters which we ordered yesterday had already arrived. I must say, we have only had good experiences with the level of service at e-vvs - and I can’t even remember how many times we ordered stuff for our house from them. Many!

Earlier today I went out into the street to take a shot of our house with the painted woodworks. Nothing spectacular about that, but being out there, I just could not help but point my camera in a different direction.


These are rhododendrons at our next-door neighbours house – it’s an amazing sight when they’re all in full bloom! And as nothing changed in my garden during the day, I’m going to share this sight with you guys. Isn’t it amazing? Someone has green fingers…

Our house is finally starting to look the way we imagined it some 4 years ago. It isn’t finished yet, but this past weekend it has definitely been taking shape. Sometimes it feels like we have been waiting way too long for this to happen, but then again… During those 4 years, we have had our 2 girls, rebuilt the entire 2nd floor, installed new windows all over the house, and quite a few things more than that. So you see, we haven’t been “waiting” – we have just been busy doing other things.

The house so far

While the girls and I have been on a nice long weekend at my Mother’s, Mads has been working hard helping and preparing for the masons. It’s amazing to see the difference it makes – and we haven’t even added colour yet. As always, the entire process of our renovating can be seen here. The pictures are sorted with the newest first, and seeing them all does require a bit of patience with all the work that has been done.

Sunday afternoon we had time to drop by some friends of ours who live just a street away. With the weather we’re having we decided to play croquet, and afterwards barbecue in their garden – I just LOVE the fact that it’s almost summer! I think Ronja does too – she ran around barefooted with her croquet mallet and had the best time!

Playing croquet in the garden at Rikke and Martin's

 Saturday the girls and I were banned from the property due to the house being sandblasted. The awful noise it creates is not for kids (or anyone else for that matter), so we decided to go to the ZOO with Sandra from Ronja’s mothers group and Sandra’s younger brother Benjamin who was born 1½ months later than Frida – and of course their mother. ;) We spent most of the day there, having a wonderful time on yet another day with amazing “drop-the-coat” weather! Two girls aged 3½ sure do know what they want – and finally we gave in to their very persistent wish to get their faces painted.

At the Copenhagen ZOO At the Copenhagen ZOO

When we arrived home late in the afternoon, Mads was washing the house – rinsing off all of the sand and dirt from the sandblasted bricks. It looked like – well, I don’t know what it looked like! You certainly wouldn’t imagine that there were people living in that house – it looked like a building due for demolition! Mads told us it was a good thing we had been away – he had been wearing earplugs, and he still had a ringing in his ears long after the sandblasting guys left. Our cat, Freja, wasn’t too fond of the sandblasting either.

Sandblasted house 

Mads has been working really hard washing the house and cleaning up sand for the rest of the weekend, and now everything actually looks ok. I don’t know if it’s just me, but even though it still needs the plastering and colour, I actually think it looks so much better than it has for the past years with the fake brick facing.

More pictures from the sandblasting are found here. Now we’re on to the plastering of the house next weekend.