Mending day – and next project

I had to take a picture of this earlier – our Japanese Cherry has started to blossom! And understandably so, since the weather has been amazing the past few days. If it keeps up the pace it’ll be summer within a week!

Japanese cherry 

One of the great benefits of having – and knowing how to use – a sewing machine is that you can mend stuff that has been torn or worn – or just alter things that you’d like different. Yesterday was mending day. I had gathered a pile of stuff that needed fixing and I got to the bottom of it. Well – almost, anyway. Had a problem sewing in denim (most likely because of a wrong needle), so I’ll have to do that some other time. One of the things in my pile was some new bedding that I bought for Ronja at IKEA. Their measurements don’t fit the Danish duvets and pillows, so it needed a bit of altering, which went so easily with my new serger – love that thing!

Ottobre - 03/08  

Today I came home from my mothers group to find a big white envelope in my mailbox – the latest issue of Ottobre. I really like this issue – there are some quite beautiful summer outfits that I want to make, and this evening I traced three of the patterns. It’s a bit hard to find the time these days, since Frida isn’t all that self entertaining, but I guess if I take it a bit at the time, I’ll finish a project sooner or later.

Saturday we’re having our house sandblasted as a preparation for the plaster treatment the walls are going to have. We’re expecting quite a mess, and definitely a lot of noise, so we have prepared the neighbours in the area we’re expecting it to affect. The girls and I are leaving the house, since loud noise is typically not that big a hit with babies – and definitely not with Ronja. I can’t wait to see the house when they’re finished – though I could do without the sight of what it does to the garden. However – we’ll have to deal with it, because now that we’re finally getting the house renovated on the outside, we are both really excited about it!


  1. Ulla says:

    Vores nabo har også et japansk kirsebærtræ i en mini udgave. Blomsterne er virkelig det smukkeste syn! Jeg tror vi skal have et til vores egen have ;0)

    At opdage Ottobre i postkassen er altid skønt. Jeg synes også, at der er rigtig mange gode modeller i denne udgave. Jeg skal sy bukser til Emil – dejligt at han brød sig om modellen (lysebrune stumpebukser)

    Det er en ordentlig omgang at få sit hus sandblæst, men i vil sikkert blive glade for resultatet. Vores hus er også pudset og malet efterfølgende og det nyder vi…

    Hav en god – og forhåbentlig varm – søndag!

    Ulla :0)

  2. Astrid says:

    Tak – vi havde en rigtig dejlig søndag – hvor er det dog bare fantastisk vejr for tiden. Det er simpelthen så opløftende!

    Ja, det er en ordentlig omgang – men samtidig tror jeg, at vores projekt-proportioner har ændret sig en del, efter at vi har revet førstesalen ned og bygget den op igen. Så det her er sådan set ok – samtidig med at vi glæder os HELT vildt til at få huset pudset op. Det har vi villet siden vi flyttede ind for 4 år siden.

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