Our sandblasted house

 Saturday the girls and I were banned from the property due to the house being sandblasted. The awful noise it creates is not for kids (or anyone else for that matter), so we decided to go to the ZOO with Sandra from Ronja’s mothers group and Sandra’s younger brother Benjamin who was born 1½ months later than Frida – and of course their mother. 😉 We spent most of the day there, having a wonderful time on yet another day with amazing “drop-the-coat” weather! Two girls aged 3½ sure do know what they want – and finally we gave in to their very persistent wish to get their faces painted.

At the Copenhagen ZOO At the Copenhagen ZOO

When we arrived home late in the afternoon, Mads was washing the house – rinsing off all of the sand and dirt from the sandblasted bricks. It looked like – well, I don’t know what it looked like! You certainly wouldn’t imagine that there were people living in that house – it looked like a building due for demolition! Mads told us it was a good thing we had been away – he had been wearing earplugs, and he still had a ringing in his ears long after the sandblasting guys left. Our cat, Freja, wasn’t too fond of the sandblasting either.

Sandblasted house 

Mads has been working really hard washing the house and cleaning up sand for the rest of the weekend, and now everything actually looks ok. I don’t know if it’s just me, but even though it still needs the plastering and colour, I actually think it looks so much better than it has for the past years with the fake brick facing.

More pictures from the sandblasting are found here. Now we’re on to the plastering of the house next weekend.

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