Insulation – and off to Las Vegas and Shanghai

So it all ended well with the roof windows. Mads was very tired that evening, when the work was finished, but it looks fine, it doesn’t rain through the roof and there are only a few minor cosmetic adjustments to be made – sometime. Since he finished the roof windows, Mads has started insulating upstairs. This part of the process is great, because you can really see the walls shaping up.

It does take some time, though. And time is something we don’t have too much of at the moment, since December is approaching quickly, and I have to make decorations, advent wreath, Christmas calendar with little gifts for each day for Ronja (no – not true – I don’t really have to do that, but I love doing it) and all that stuff.
Furthermore, Monday Mads is leaving for Las Vegas for a conference, and Thursday I’m going to Shanghai on a study trip, so some December-preparations have to be ready before we leave. Then it’s up to my mother (who comes here to take care of Ronja while we’re gone) to have a few nice “beginning-of-December”-days with Ronja. I’m sure it’s going to work out fine!

As usual, I uploaded some new photos here – you can also see Mads and Ronja building a bird feeding house.

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