Back from the circus

We just came back from a trip to the circus – Cirkus Arena – a few hours ago, and we had a great time. It was Ronja’s first time at a circus, and I believe she had sense impressions enough for a few weeks. She was completely dazzled for two hours, and when we got home, she was so tired, she could hardly speak.
Our summer vacation is almost over, and it has been a really welcome break with a combination of work upstairs and relaxation.
We started the vacation with a one week trip to Mallorca. Three days were spent with a rental car, to see some of the island, which proved a really good idea. The mountains in the north west part of the island are just beautiful, and we enjoyed the landscape, the groves of citrus fruits and olive trees, and the picturesque villages (especially Deià ) with the amazing terracotta colours. We also had a lot of fun just driving in the hairpin turns in the mountains, which is something none of us had tried before.
The rest of the time was spent going for walks and relaxing by the pool (not Ronja, she soaked in the pool, going home with wrinkled fingers and toes). Pictures can be found here.

Well back from Mallorca, we agreed that we had to make some progress on the 2nd floor, meaning as usual, that Mads would work, and I would take care of Ronja and the house. Even though we would enjoy more to spend our summer vacation together, this has been working quite ok, with the breaks we have made room for in the last two weeks.

On the 2nd floor Mads has been making great progress. The bathroom is nearly finished, though right now Mads is concentrating on the rooms and the hallway to bring them up to the same stage. The work that remains is roughly; finishing the walls with fiberglass tissue, laying the floor, painting, and some finishing touches. It doesn’t sound like much, and though there may be a bit more to it, than you would know, we’re not far away from “reopening” the 2nd floor – exciting! As always – updated documentation from the rebuilding process is to be found here.

Besides the trip to Mallorca, we have made room for a trip to Boesdal Kalkbrud, where we made a fire and had fun making twistbread and sausages. Very nice afternoon!

Everything is going seemingly as it should with the young passenger in my stomach – I’m getting a bit heavier, but I guess that’s normal since the arrival is only 3 months away now. I have – as promised long ago – posted some ultrasound pictures, that you can find here.

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