Big sister to be – and a deadline

I put Ronja to bed a while ago. She stopped using her soother 10 days ago, and the last three days she has been sleeping like a baby when we’ve put her to bed. So except for the first week, it really wasn’t so hard. She doesn’t ask for the soother anymore, so I think we can safely call that project a success!

We have a few changes coming up in the house on Lille Stationsvej, since Ronja is going to start kindergarten in the middle of June (which she is looking sooooo much forward to) – and furthermore – the big change – for those who don’t know yet, she is going to be a big sister at the end of October! (The t-shirt she is wearing in the picture to the right says “Jeg skal være storesøster”, or in English “I’m going to be a big sister”) Very exciting! We went to a scan at Roskilde Hospital in the middle of April, and at that time everything looked fine. I’ll try to remember to post pictures from the scan sometime soon.

We’re all excited to add one more member to the family, and Ronja is showing a great interest in the event. She doesn’t seem impatient at all, as you might expect, but rather well understanding, that the baby needs to grow before it enters the world.

As a natural consequence, Mads and I have become very aware, that we need to make something happen upstairs, so that our bathroom – as well as the other rooms – will be finished before my little passenger arrives. The last month has been rather slow on the rebuilding, to say the least. Mads has been very busy at work, he has been to Los Angeles for a week, and we have had several other doings. When you’re working on the house in your spare time, you really need to ensure that you have some – at least in order to see a progress. So now we’re trying to get focused again. You will find the almost updated photo album from upstairs here.

This past weekend we had Jolanda and Jakob visiting from Amsterdam, which was really nice, since we haven’t seen each other for quite a while. We relaxed and had a good time in which, among other things, we went to Bakken and Holmegaard Glassworks.

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