Oilcloth Apron For A Little Painter

Frida loves to paint. A LOT. And so far she has been using an oversize bib as an apron, but yesterday I decided we should be able to do better than that. So I made her an apron.

Oilcloth apron for Frida

The oilcloth cialis 5mg is something I bought for another project – those of you who have been with me long may remember the oilcloth backpack, which is still Ronja’s preferred bag for her gym class. I got the fabric long ago from Stof&Stil, but it’s over a year ago, so I don’t think you will find it there anymore. I used Amy Butler dots for the straps – I never seem to stop turning to that fabric, it just adds a great touch to almost anything.

Oilcloth apron - pocket detail

I was looking for a nice apron tutorial online, and I found this one (pdf) on Sew Liberated. Her blog is amazing, she has made some gorgeous patterns, and I wantwantwant her book, so do take a look over there if you’re in the market for inspiration.

Anyway, her apron pattern wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, I only wanted to use one layer of fabric due to the sturdy quality of the oilcloth, so I couldn’t sew straps and ties in between two layers. Also, even though I like the idea that a child can close the apron herself, I think that a proper tie is best for an apron that I want Frida to use for a long time – it is more adjustable that way. I ended up using her pattern as a guide line, but widening the apron a bit and shortening it as well, since Frida is younger. I trimmed the apron and the pocket with bias tape. For the neck strap, I followed her directions exactly, and it works perfectly. I could have made it a bit shorter, but again, it isn’t crucial, and this apron will last for a long time.

Elasticated neck strap

And as for the little painter, she loved the apron the moment she saw it. I wanted to put up a picture of her where you could see the entire apron, but I wasn’t able to drive her away from the painting, so I guess that proves a point as well… 😉

Frida doing a more abstract piece


  1. Millie says:

    What a lovely action shot! It is a beautiful apron. Imagine, I found your blog through u-handbag and the oilcloth backpack!
    Sew liberated is wonderful.. I made my sister the Emmeline apron a while ago, with Moda Arcadia fabric. I would highly recommend it as an apron pattern for ladies.

  2. Jeannet says:

    Hvor er det altså kært. God ide.
    Jeg tror jeg må lave et til Villas for han er også helt vild med at male.
    HVis I en dag skal til KBH så prøv at tage ind på statens museum for kunst. Der kan man i weekenderne komme op i deres malerværksted. Der går en kunststuderende rundt som man kan spørge om hjælp. Samtidig kan man gå rundt på museumet gratis.
    malerværkstedet koster kr. 30,- pr barn men det er en kæmpe oplevelse for børnene.
    Prøv evt. at se mit indlæg på min blog.
    Kh Jeannet

  3. Dina says:

    Hi, I’ve somehow stumbled into your blog and I am so glad I found it. I am a mum of three living in Malta, love crafts (don’t have much time at the moment) and we are in the process of buying and old town house here and restoring it to make it our new home. I love this apron well done. I will be back for more inspirations and also I went through some of your old posts where you are renovating the house too!! great job, i love the kitchen you have 🙂

  4. Medrie says:

    You must have inspired Frida — her painting seems to be in exactly the same palette as her new apron!

  5. Jacqui says:

    This is beautiful Astrid. I just marvel at how neat your sewing is and how easily you seem to whip up stuff!
    Have a happy Easter! and all the best with your new job! and the house looks GORGEOUS! you have so much going on!!!

    Jacqui in Japan

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