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It’s definitely time for an update, don’t you think? I found a job – I even managed to find one that I’m totally looking forward to, with Denmark’s largest publishing group called Berlingske Media! I had my last day at AOL Advertising last week, and the office is pretty much closed down now, so I’m enjoying a few calm days before taking on my new challenges. I love that!

Yesterday I was sewing – it has been a while, and there are so many things I want to make. I actually wanted to take part in Sarah’s Pattern Challenge, but I haven’t had the time or energy to make concrete goals for myself, so I’ll just go on to sew a bit here and there, using her challenge as an inspiration.

Anyway, I made these things – a vest and a pouch for my Ipod Touch.

Vest and iPod pouch

The vest is from an Onion pattern, #6013, it has a dart on each front piece, and I really like the fit of it, though it is quite simple. I made a size small, based on measurements, and it is just right, but it couldn’t be any smaller for me (normally I’m a size M in Onion patterns). I used a quilted fabric, and the pattern is easy peasy, so it didn’t take me long – also I love wearing vests, so this is a welcome addition to my wardrobe. Oh, and I left out the tie in front – like the look better without.

Purple vest

The pouch for my iPod Touch has been planned for a while, but I wasn’t sure which style I wanted to go with. I have been looking at (and drooling over) the beautiful pouches by KapomCraft on Flickr. I wanted to make something in a similar style, but wasn’t sure if I could do it without a tutorial or something to go by. So I went back to the same tute I used for Ronja’s Nintendo DS pouch, using new measurements, and adding a pocket in the front. I used the same fabric as I did for the vest – it’s already padded, so I didn’t need to use any interfacing or similar. Otherwise I would have.

Everything came together almost right – except when I was done it was just 3 mm too small in the width, so I turned the wrong side back out, undid the seam, and made a new one adding 1.5 mm on each side. Now it’s just right – nice and snug.

Pouch for iPod Touch

At first, I didn’t add any kind of handle or strap, but I quickly realised that was a mistake – so therefore I went to my all-kinds-of-stuff-drawer, and found a nice piece of ribbon, which I added as a neckstrap. It really is just the way I wanted it now.

iPod Touch Pouch with neckstrap

Only thing I would want different is the Ipod Touch itself – ’cause what is an Ipod Touch really? An Iphone without a phone – that’s what it is. I want the phone too…  🙂

We’re finishing off with a funny story today: Frida has taken the first steps towards getting rid of the diaper, and she has started using the toilet. Her doll though is using a potty for that very same purpose (well, perhaps not entirely, but still). In Danish a potty is a ‘potte’ – however Frida seems to believe it’s called an Ipodde. 😀 Now, where could that possibly come from?


  1. Millie says:

    Glad to see you back..And I’m sure you are excited about the new job. The vest is beautiful. I love the colours. The pouch is great too. My nephew has an iPod Touch and I must say it is lovely, but I know what you mean about the phone thing, he seems to do all of his communicating through Facebook now, rather than text or phone, he is only 15 though!
    Great news about Frida and the iPodde! How modern!

  2. Jeannet says:

    Hej Astrid
    Tillykke med dit nye arbejde. Hvad skal du arbejde med?
    Jeg kommer næsten ugentligt hos Berlingske media.
    Så det kunne da være hyggeligt hvis jeg kunne hilse på dig en dag.
    Vesten og mobiltasken er helt skønne. Jeg tror det er det samme mønster jeg har brugt til min liberty vest. Det har en god pasform.

  3. Sarah Seitz says:

    Hey Astrid!

    Thanks so much for linking to my Pattern Challenge! I love that you are taking inspiration from the challenge, but not allowing it to overwhelm you. That’s totally what I wanted for everyone! The vest is seriously cute, and I love the iPod case too!

    Sarah @ Come and See the Seitz

  4. Frøken Solhat says:

    Astrid – hjertlig tillykke med dit nye job. Er sikker på det bliver spændende. Tiden og energien til at udfolde dine fantastiske evner ved symaskinen skal nok vende tilbage. :0)

    Take care :0)

  5. Di says:

    I am so glad that you found a new job – hopefully the stressful times are now behind you! I love the little pouch for the Ipod – very cool!

  6. Astrid says:

    Everybody, thank you so much for the congrats! 🙂

    Millie – it’s true, though – having an Ipod Touch is like having everything in one device – except that you need to have a phone on the side. Doesn’t make much sense. Hope you got some packing done! 😉

    Karen – thanks, you’re right, I think I’ll do that! 🙂

    Eva – if you need to borrow the pattern, just say the word, girl! 😉

    Jeannet – jeg skal være digital kontaktchef. Hvorfor kommer du i huset? Det skulle da nok være muligt at stikke hovederne sammen! 🙂

    Nicole – thanks a lot! 🙂

    Sarah – I always love that kind of initiative, and I wish I was taking part, but now I’m doing the second best!

    Dorthe – Tusinde tak! Jeg håber, at jeg kan putte symaskine og alt det andet ind imellem, når det passer! 😉

    Di – thank you – hopefully they are! 🙂

  7. Jeannet says:

    Hej Astrid
    “mit kaffefirma” servicerer espressokaffemaskinen i newsroom og hos HR og weekendavisen
    Jeg sørger for der er kaffe og maskinerne fungerer som de skal. Så jeg er “kaffedamen/teknikkeren” på 1-sal og da der bliver drukket rigtig meget kaffe så er jeg der en gang om ugen for jævnligt en kaffesnak med journalisterne.

  8. Rikke says:

    Ihh, hvor flot. Jeg er helt væk i lilla for tiden… Jeg bliver gang på gang imponeret over din perfektion, der er bare ikke eet sting der sidder forkert.


  9. Laurel says:

    I have been meaning to make a pouch for my Ipod toush. I really like yours.
    My 16 year old son dropped his Ipod in the toilet. He had a hold of the earbuds and was able to yank it out. After drying out for a few days it finally worked. Luckily. Now we all tease him about his Ipotty.

  10. Bettina says:

    Haha, jeg kalder også Min Uundværlige, aka min iPod Touch, for “potten” nu og da. :o)
    Ind i mellem falder jeg over interessante (gratis) Apps, jeg fortæller om på min blog, hvis det er. Som regel håndarbejdsrelaterede, da min blog primært handler om det.

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