So much generosity

This week I have been lucky enough to feel the generosity of my friends from the internet several times. Or maybe I should rephrase, because I feel that with every single comment I receive here on my blog. Getting to know all of you guys, following your lives from afar, and exchanging wishes, is a wonderful bonus to blogging that I was never even aware of, when I first started blogging. What I mean to say is, this week, the postman brought me something twice to remind me of the warmth that reigns this amazing forum!

Cord from a friend 

First up was Amy – I have been reading her blog since I first started sewing a year ago, and I love it. She makes wonderful tutorials, and has a very personal blog, that I just really enjoy reading. So check out this beautiful cord she sent me as a New Years treat! Well, thank you, Amy – I love it, and (I hope) you will witness it being put to good use! 🙂

You should meet our postman, actually – he has long hair that flutters in the wind, he rides a motorcycle (alright, so it’s a moped, but it definitely looks like a motorcycle to me…), and most importantly, he must be the happiest guy around – he always has a cheerful remark ready, and you’re sure to have a smile on your face, when he scoots along – on to the next house.

Laurie who won a pattern in my second Onion pattern give-away sent me a package that he dropped by today. It included a bag of all kinds of wonderful labels, tags, ribbon, buttons, etc.

Tags and ribbons 

Ronja and I went through it all together, and there were so many beautiful things that I will most certainly find use for.


Along with this came an exclusive box of tea bags from the brand “two leaves and a bud”, along with a wish that I enjoy it when I take a rest. Well, Laurie – that’s what I did today, and it’s just delicious, with a very full tea-flavour! Nothing like the ones you usually get at the supermarket. And thank you so much for it all!

Thank you!


  1. Melanie says:

    Beautiful cords! I love the flower medallion one. I know you will create something lovely with them all. I am jealous of the Otto Bears, but so happy you get to play with all of them.

    I love Amy’s blog too, her kimono (tutorial) is cute.

  2. dana says:

    What lovely gifts!
    I have that same brown corduroy with the circles too and LOVE it. I’ve been waiting for the right project to use it.
    Have fun making all sorts of cool new things!

  3. Ulla says:

    Ja, er det ikke utroligt med al den omsorg man mærker og modtager i form af kommentarer og små overraskelser i posten, i denne blogverden?

    Hvor er du heldig med dine gaver – de glæder både ved brug og når de dukker uventet op :0))

  4. celia says:

    Oh, sooooo nice to receive all those gifts!
    I really love my mailgirl too!!!! lol… Sh’e also so happy always and smiling so maybe it’s a must to be in the postal service, lol…
    And I’m in SPain! lol

  5. Creature of Habit says:

    I’m so glad you like them! I know you will make something adorable and perfect with them.

    You postman sounds hilarious, I bet it would be fun to deliver the mail on a moped! Our office post woman is also joyful (and a real chatterbox), but the home one is a curmudgeon. Maybe it depends on the route? I sometimes think I would have a blast being a mail carrier. I’d be like Jerry in the Seinfeld where he takes over Newman’s route. Lol….

  6. Astrid says:

    Melanie – I know, I can’t decide which is my favourite! 🙂

    Dana – thanks, I will! 🙂

    Ulla, jo – det er helt utroligt! Man bliver simpelthen så forundret og glad – og så begynder man at tænke over, hvad man skal finde på at sende den anden vej… 😉

    Celia – Happy postmen or -women are like happy busdrivers – they really have the potential to spread happiness – if they choose to! 🙂

    Amy – oh, you know I like them! I don’t think it’ll be too long, before I start cutting into them. You crack me up – I remember that Seinfeld episode, it’s hilarious – I can just see you in that role! 😀

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