This week I have been lucky enough to feel the generosity of my friends from the internet several times. Or maybe I should rephrase, because I feel that with every single comment I receive here on my blog. Getting to know all of you guys, following your lives from afar, and exchanging wishes, is a wonderful bonus to blogging that I was never even aware of, when I first started blogging. What I mean to say is, this week, the postman brought me something twice to remind me of the warmth that reigns this amazing forum!

Cord from a friend 

First up was Amy - I have been reading her blog since I first started sewing a year ago, and I love it. She makes wonderful tutorials, and has a very personal blog, that I just really enjoy reading. So check out this beautiful cord she sent me as a New Years treat! Well, thank you, Amy – I love it, and (I hope) you will witness it being put to good use! :)

You should meet our postman, actually – he has long hair that flutters in the wind, he rides a motorcycle (alright, so it’s a moped, but it definitely looks like a motorcycle to me…), and most importantly, he must be the happiest guy around – he always has a cheerful remark ready, and you’re sure to have a smile on your face, when he scoots along – on to the next house.

Laurie who won a pattern in my second Onion pattern give-away sent me a package that he dropped by today. It included a bag of all kinds of wonderful labels, tags, ribbon, buttons, etc.

Tags and ribbons 

Ronja and I went through it all together, and there were so many beautiful things that I will most certainly find use for.


Along with this came an exclusive box of tea bags from the brand “two leaves and a bud”, along with a wish that I enjoy it when I take a rest. Well, Laurie – that’s what I did today, and it’s just delicious, with a very full tea-flavour! Nothing like the ones you usually get at the supermarket. And thank you so much for it all!

Thank you!