Splashing around

 I don’t have time to blog, so this will be a brief last post before we take off to the Halkidiki peninsula in Greece.

Ronja’s good friend Emma was visiting yesterday, and those two girls just always have a blast together. We had taken out the swimming pool, and they almost didn’t leave it all day – except to eat…

Emma is visiting 

Emma is visiting

Emma is visiting

I think Ronja is looking forward to seeing Emma, when we get back – see you in a week! 🙂


  1. Yvonne says:

    How lovely to see 2 little friends having a blast.

    Have a great time in Greece. Spare a thought for us here in winter while soaking up the sun there 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Oooh Have fun! I haven’t been to Greece in years and I miss it…the food, the weather, the people…I cannot wait to read about your trip when you return!

  3. celia says:

    That seems to be son fun!!!!!
    What a nice garden and also the table, the chairs, the kdis! Great post! Thanks for putting a smile in my face on Monday!, lol…

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