Ronja’s 11th Birthday

Is it ok to turn a bit nostalgic, when you just spent the weekend celebrating your oldest daughter’s 11th birthday – and all of a sudden she seems so grown up? Well, I did.

That tiny girl. And she’s eleven.

She didn’t want us to plan much for her birthday – as long as she got to invite her class, play music in the garden, and have a bonfire going. No treasure hunt and goodie bags. Just hot dogs, sodas, chips, and cup cakes. Then they could provide the rest of the party – and so they did.

Big girl.

Today we celebrated with the family – in our traditional manner. Not everything changes. 😉



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  1. mlrytter says:

    Åh altså Astrid – jeg bliver helt rørt. De bliver så store de piger, og man kan da slet ikke lade være med at kigge lidt tilbage også. Tillykke med hende, hun er dømme en flot pige.

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