Girly Messenger Bag

My old messenger bag was worn down. Literally. I’ve been carrying it everywhere and especially during this summer vacation, it started to fall apart. At the end, there were holes in it. When I threw it in the garbage upon our returning home, I immediately decided I needed a new one.

I have been so fond of it, I wanted to use the exact same pattern by Larissa from mmmcrafts, but at the same time, I wanted it to feel new, so I started going through my closet for fabrics. I quickly decided on the white fabric with the flowers for the front flap and back pocket – the gingham lining, and the accenting liberty followed quickly after. I couldn’t figure out what to use for the main fabric until I came across some of the fabric that I used for the cushion covers in our old boat. So that was it. For the last ones I used sew-in interfacing, but that wasn’t necessary for this one, due to the heavy weight of most of the fabric. I used light interfacing for the front flap, and a heavier sew-in interfacing for the inner pocket, but that was all.

As with the old one, I widened the strap a bit, because I like that. I also used two of my fabrics for it, sewed right sides together, turned the tube, and edge stitched at both sides.


To make the bag with bias tape around the front flap instead of the method Larissa uses, you just need to cut the flap without seam allowance, baste your front flap layers together (wrong sides together) near the edge, and add your bias tape. Other than that, just follow the tutorial, and that’ll do it.

This is my third version of Larissas messenger bag (also made this one for my mother), and I really like how it turned out. It’s girly and fresh – actually more girly than the things I usually make for myself, but I think it works well with the sturdy sand coloured furniture fabric.

I actually didn’t have enough of the liberty fabric to cut it on the bias for the bias tape, so I cut it straight. It does work, and you can work with it to go around the corners, but it would work better if it had been cut on the bias.

Now – go make your own version – you will love it!

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  1. Claudia J says:

    Hello Astrid,
    what a wonderful girly bag and such a lovely fabric combination. It´s adorable! What fabric is the big flower-print? I´d wish I could find it somewhere to buy.
    Keep up doing so wonderful things – it´s an Inspiration for me.
    Thanks and Cheers

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