8 years today

This little one was born 8 years ago today. She is 1 week old in the picture below.

And rather chubby almost a year later…

Almost 2 – and charming her way through life.


Nearly 3, on her way to becoming a big sister.

Ronja and Fløde

And then Frida came – one month early. The sense of responsibility, love, and awe was shining from her eyes.

The girls

4 years old and fond of cupcakes.

Eating a cupcake

Almost 5, and getting to like the camera…

Behind the leaves

Almost 6, and sooooo ready for school!

First day of school

Later that same year – learning to sail with Anna.

A young captain

Last summer during our sail trip – so big.


Ronja bathing

And now.

Rasmus (Seebach) is the best!


Ronja, you’re giving us such a ride. You love riding, and you’re starting dance class, which has been a wish of yours. You really like school, and you have many good friends. You have started reading books – really reading, which I think is so great. Something I recognize from when I was your age. You’re a wonderful person to be around – caring, fun, inspiring, creative, curious, eager to learn, and a good friend.

Happy Birthday, Ronja!




  1. Medr1e says:

    What a beautiful birthday post. Such a lovely girl — I would like to know her in person. Happy birthday, Ronja!!

  2. Astrid says:

    Thank you, Medrie – sometimes I wish we were nearer each other – have a feeling we would get along really well. Ronja is a wonderful person – she’s also the average hysterical 8 year old at times, but she’s such a great girl. Thanks!

  3. Millie says:

    Happy Birthday darling Ronja! I have been reading this blog for 4 years now…it has been a treat to watch your girls grow. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. Our boy turned 8 in June…it’s agreat age!

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