Arrival of Spring

The Easter break brought beautiful weather. My winter coat has had it’s three winters and I’m not going to use it anymore now, so I dropped it off at a second-hand store the other day. The buds are coming out in the garden – the yellow flowers of spring are all over our garden at the moment.


We had a wonderful holiday. Really down to earth, with only a few things planned. Mads has been pruning the trees in the garden and building a fence out back, Ronja has been playing our little garden aid, and Frida has had time to totally find herself again, and she soooo enjoys the garden. Only problem is to get her back inside when it’s time for dinner.

On the ladder

Frida’s palate is healing up really well, and it looks quite nice now – much better than it did a week ago. Mads has started to visit the nursery with her on a daily basis, because next Thursday he is going back to work, and she will be spending her days there. It’s such a nice place, though, the same one Ronja went to, we know the teachers, and we are at total ease with leaving her in their custody! Besides, it’s right next to Ronja’s kindergarten, and they will be able to have a daily chat through the playground fence. Frida still goes “Ooonja, Ooonja” whenever Ronja is out of sight, which is so sweet! Or whenever Ronja comes into sight, actually. 🙂

I made the fabric covered buttons for the tunic yesterday evening, so I just might be able to show you later.



  1. Mette Marie says:

    I am so glad to hear Frida is healing well.

    Looking forward to see your tunic. I have lots of projects in my head but too little time to sew these days.

  2. Ulla V. says:

    Er det ikka bare sådan at en påskefeire skal være? Godt vejr, leg i haven og masser af skøn tid med familien :0))

    Betrukne knapper er jeg jo stor fan af, så jeg venter med spænding på at se tunikaen :0))

  3. Ulla V. says:

    HOV!! Og hvad ser jeg pludselig ude i højre hjørne, da jeg er på vej ud af din blog?? Din smukke tunika på smilende dig….jeg suser straks over på flickr og ser mere ;0))

  4. Astrid says:

    Mette Marie – time is always the issue. I try to fit it in because I gain so much from sewing. It relaxes me and gives me more energy! 🙂

    Ulla – LOL, du er bare hurtig! 😀 Jo, det var lige sådan ferien skulle være – nyde, nyde! 😉

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