Busy! Did you guess?

Evening sky

I’m busy at the moment, and I’m thinking you probably knew… Haven’t been sewing at all for weeks, and I’m neglecting my own blog as well as the blogs, that I follow. You know it’s bad, when your readers start asking you where you are… Sorry about that everybody (and especially you, Rikki)! 🙂

Bear with me – I will share what’s going on, I just need you to have a little more patience.

At the Chinese restaurant

For the first time in ages, this past weekend was one with no plans in particular. I love that – blank days in the calendar, with spending time together as the most important thing. Friday night we all went to our favourite Chinese restaurant, and we had such a nice time. The girls were exemplary, Frida spent the entire time eating shrimp chips, and Ronja wandered cheerfully around the restaurant, twirling a bit here and there. The tablecloth had Chinese signs all over it, and we got to talking with Ronja about how those are the Chinese letters. She thought they looked rather difficult, and we asked the sweet Chinese waitress if she was able to write Ronja in Chinese. She wasn’t quite sure, but she said it would be something like what the note below shows. Mads and I joked around with the fact that she could have written “Dumb Danes” and we would be clueless…

At the Chinese restaurant     Ronja in Chinese - we think...

Saturday we decided to take the girls for a run, meaning that Mads and I ran, each with a kid in a Baby Jogger. Mads gave me a Baby Jogger for my birthday last year, when Frida had just been born, and we recently bought another one second hand to be able to run together and bring both girls. I must admit, that to me running with a baby jogger is pretty tough. Being used to focusing only on myself, my breathing, and my running, it makes a big difference when you have to handle the baby jogger as well, not to mention being there to answer questions from your child. I hope my baby jogger running will become less of an effort with more practice. The girls enjoyed the trip, I think – until they both fell asleep.

Sunday we were all sick – Frida and I still are. Sore throats and runny noses for everyone – I’m not sure if the long trip in the fresh air was to blame, but I suspect so. Even though the girls were wrapped up pretty good, there was a strong chilly wind, and we all had mild colds to begin with. So Sunday was spent inside the house, which was ok I guess, since it was raining all through the day. We spent some time tidying up some stuff, and as the girls, Ronja in particular, needed some action in spite of the day indoors, I painted her face. Not in the nose-area, though – it still had to be wiped…

Face painting     You sure look pretty!

A princess

Ronja loves to have her face painted, she is ok at sitting still for a 4-year old, and I actually think it’s fun to do it. I’d love to be really good at it – check out for example what this woman can do… I find it amazing how simple it looks!

So anyway – I hope I’ll find time to do some sewing soon – at least I can promise you that I’m not going anywhere!


  1. Annette says:

    Det er skønt med en weekend uden noget i kalenderen, men synd, at I blev syge – rigtig god bedring!
    Jeg synes, din ansigtsmaling er rigtig flot – men det lille kunstværk på videoen er da helt vildt. Fantastisk at sidde og følge det udvikle sig…

  2. Ulla says:

    Det er rigtig hyggeligt med sådan et restaurant besøg – og især kinesisk. Emil og Anne-Sophie elsker det…

    Ronja ser ud til at nyde at blive malet i ansigtet. Det er også utrolig behageligt og afslappende.
    Da jeg arbejdede som pædagog, blev der også hurtigt en lang kø af både piger og drenge når ansigtsmalingen blev fundet frem. ;0)

    Faktisk ser det næsten ud som om Ronja har små pailletter i midten af blomsterne…

  3. Astrid says:

    Yvonne – thanks!

    Rikki – thank you! No need to worry – I’m just spending a lot of time on something else at the moment… 🙂

    Lisa – Thank you! 🙂

    Tiff – Nothing beats no plans! Thanks! 😉

    Annette – Ja, hende på videoen laver altså nogle rigtig flotte ting. Hvis man vælger at se flere film fra samme bruger, så kommer der mere op, som hun har lavet – det er helt besættende… Og tak! 🙂

    Its_Lily – Do you know Chinese? Is that the way you would write it? And thanks, by the way! 🙂

    Ulla – Ja, vi har den dejligste kinesiske restaurant i nærheden. Enormt søde “kineserdamer”, god mad og så er det ikke engang dyrt. Og børn er velkomne og må gerne vandre lidt rundt – så har man det hele… 🙂 Ha, ja – det er sjovt at male og dejligt at blive malet! Det sidste har jeg nu ikke prøvet i nogle år… 😉

  4. Linda Rose says:

    There is a great book about face painting that we love at our house–it is the Klutz Book of Face Painting–not sure if you can get it over there or not, but it shows some great techniques and it makes a face painting artist out of anyone! I am not a painter by nature, but my DC are so impressed when I do their faces–they especially love the butterflies!

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