A tiny comedian in the sunshine

Today has been sunny and beautiful. Frida and I have spent some time in the garden – she loves it when I push her on the swing, and playing with a ball is the best. We had a wonderful day – which is good, because she doesn’t care much for sleeping during the day at the moment… Again…

Some of the last flowers in the garden

Frida has kind of a comedy-stunt going that is ridiculously entertaining. She is always on the go, from one toy to another – one kind of trouble to another. Typically, she will play with something, throw it over her shoulder and move on to the next. And then, when the first thing hits the floor with a loud noise, she turns around with eyes that say: “Who made that noise – what’s going on back here?”. And the best part is, she does this over and over… Man, she makes us laugh!

Some of the last flowers in the garden

A while ago Mads and I agreed, that we needed a break from him working on the house. Or maybe I agreed..? Anyway, we had a break, and now Mads wants to get something done again – fair enough. This house is dated 1912, and there’s still a lot of work to be done.

The previous owners had a fence around the small yard out back. We wanted to take that down in order to open up towards the garden, so we did – long ago. This weekend, Mads removed the foundation for the fence, which could have been an easy job, had they not thought it necessary to cast a concrete foundation 40 cm into the ground for the entire length of the fence. Geeeez – talk about unnecessary solutions…. So instead of it being easy, this is what went on in the garden.

Working again

And now it’s gone – the concrete foundation, that is – thanks to Mads and his very noisy and shaky device.

Eventually, we’re going to cover the yard with new garden tiles, but for now, I think we’re settling for an expansion of the lawn, until we have the time and means for the solution we really want.


  1. Hanne says:

    Gamle huse er en never ending story, men de er dejlige at bo i og skønne at se på.
    Vi hev en vores totalt byggesjuskede terrassen ned en gang i april…. der kommer næppe en ny op før næste forår. SUK !

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