Bird outfit for a little one

A few of you guys have asked whether I made something for my new niece, and I did, so I thought I’d put it out here.


I didn’t have that much time to make it, meaning it couldn’t be too complicated, and I still wanted it to be sweet and usable. I made the Nirunaru-dress from Ottobre for Frida a while ago (this was before I blogged about my sewing), and we have been using it quite a bit, over a long period of time, because it fits over several sizes. It is good for warm as well as chilly weather, because it can be worn over a onesie or a blouse to fit the conditions. I decided to make that for my niece along with a pair of matching pants.

The pants are a modified Onion-pattern, which in my opinion is great for babies. I left a small opening at the waist to make it easy to change the elastic, if needed. I added little details like flower-tags on both pieces, and ‘M’s for her name.

Bird outfit - detail 

The bird-fabric is one of my favourites from Amy Schimler’s “On A Whim”-line, and the dotted fabric is from Moda.

I really like the way it turned out – the two pieces will be sweet together as well as by themselves, which is a good thing. I think they were pleased with it as well!


  1. susanne v says:

    Åh, det er da bedårende – hun ser med garanti lige præcis så dejlig ud iført dette sæt som hun skal gøre sådan en lille helt nyfødt skønhed!! Tillykke med titlen som faster, og fortsæt endlig med at vise dine kreationer – det er smukke ting og meget inspirerende!

  2. Jakob says:

    Needless to say we will be showing off Marlinde in the bird outfit as soon as she fits it! You can expect some model photos of her. First she needs to grow a bit more, but we’re working on that…

  3. Sarah says:

    That is a darling outfit and I love the special touches you included! As you know, I wish-wish-wish I could make Tabitha clothes like that. My goal is to make her a poncho this fall. How hard can that be?? (I saw a cute shop online selling them and thought “I could do that! It’s just a fringed square with a hole for a head”)

  4. Astrid says:

    Yvonne – thanks! 😉

    Lisa – thank you! 🙂

    Susanne – tak skal du have – ja, hun er bestemt rigtig dejlig! Jeg synes, at jeg har lidt svært ved at få tid til at sy lige i øjeblikket, men nu skal jeg altså snart have syet noget igen…

    Amy – thank you! I think she liked it a lot.

    Jakob – can’t wait to see how it fits her!

    Sarah – I’m sure you can make something like this, and starting out with the poncho would be great for getting used to the sewing machine. It really isn’t that hard – just takes a bit of patience. 🙂

    iinu – thank you! 😉

  5. Lisa says:

    What a gorgeous outfit! Love your sense of style – I am sure your new little niece will look absolutely gorgeous in her outfit!

    The cupcakes you made your daughter for her birthday look amazing – so pretty – perfect for a 4 year old!!

  6. arun says:

    I really love your choice of fabrics (not only this outfit but also others), and thanks for the links of the designers and shops. I visited these sites and enjoyed very much. I hope if I can buy them here in Argentina! 🙂

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