Has it really been 4 years?

It has been a busy week. No sewing, no blogging… Really busy week! 

It’s after midnight now, and Ronja’s turning 4 years old today! She’s getting so big, and yesterday the kindergarten was visiting to celebrate her birthday. She has been looking forward to that specific event for weeks, so Mads and I did our best to make it special for her – which I’m sure it was.

Cupcakes for Ronja's birthday 

I wanted to do something different for a birthday cake, and I chose to make cupcakes. I’m saving the more traditional birthday cake for the family on Sunday… I was really happy with the result too – they looked very pretty, and everybody liked them. Ronja wanted to serve them herself, and she looked so sweet, balancing the plate on one hand, and handing out the cupcakes with the other.

Eating a cupcake 

After the kindergarten left, we had a real family afternoon – just hanging out, relaxing, and having fun. The girls are really starting to enjoy each other’s company, which is awesome!

Today – when we get up in the morning that is – we’ll celebrate some more! So…

Happy Birthday, Ronja!

Birthday roses


  1. Ulla V. says:

    Tillykke til din smukke Ronja – 4 år og tiden suser afsted. Jeg håber, at i får en dejlig dag – her skinner solen og jeg er sikker på, at det må have noget med Ronjas fødselsdag at gøre :0)

    Jeg kan godt forstå, at hun var stolt af at dele de flotte cupcakes ud. (Det er i sig selv noget ganske særligt at være dén der deler ud til sine kammerater)
    Og når så kagerne er så fine…..

    Mange hilsner

  2. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday to Ronja! What beautiful cupcakes (I just got a new book out of the library called Hello Cupcakes, and I’m going to buy it because it’s so great and I’m already looking forward to making special birthday cupcakes for Tabitha.) I hope her special day is wonderful!!

  3. Rikke says:

    Sikke nogle dejlig fødselsdags billeder. Fantastiske kager, man får virkelig lyst til at sætte tænderne i dem.

    Kan godt forstå du har haft travlt, med den standard, der er på det hele. Ronja er heldig at have sådan en sød mor;-)

    Håber I får nogle gode fødselsdag her i weekenden.

    STORT tillykke til Ronja.

  4. rikki says:

    Happy Birthday Ronja! She already knows how to be a lovely hostess. How funny you have another Rikki (Rikke) visiting.

  5. Lena says:

    Tillykke til Ronja. Det er noget helst specielt med en 4-års fødselsdag. Og I har gjort jeres bedste for at give hende en god dag, kan jeg se. Dejligt 😉


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