Strolling along the Amsterdam canals

We had a wonderful couple of days in Amsterdam, and even though the drive is rather long to and from Denmark (10 hours each way), it went really well with the girls.

Looking at - stamps...

We arrived in the evening, and stayed for the next two days. During the day we did as little as possible – basically we relaxed, and strolled along the Amsterdam canals, looking at little galleries, peculiar shops, and beautiful house boats. I adore the way everything in Amsterdam just kind of follows the same mindset – all the beauty of the canals and the architecture clearly inspires its inhabitants to design their homes with the same kind of casual beauty.

Pink bike

Near Prinsens Gracht we came across this amazing little toy shop called Tinkerbell. It’s the kind of toy shop, where you feel like getting everything out and starting to play. Good toy shops are rare these days, and the big chains have taken over a large part of the market – this shop was just provoking your sense of discovery and exploration. If you live in Amsterdam and need to buy a gift for a child any age – Tinkerbell has my warmest recommendations! I brought home this great little alphabet stamp set, which Ronja and I have already been having lots of fun with!

Alphabet stamps

In the evenings we visited my brother and his wife, and of course my adorable little niece Marlinde. It was wonderful to see them all, the baby is beautiful, and the parents are just as proud as they should be! I’m looking forward to seeing her grow, and getting to know her better.

Today is the last day of our vacation together. Tomorrow Mads is returning to work, and Ronja is going to kindergarten. I, of course, go back to being on maternity leave with Frida. We had a wonderful vacation, but I cannot believe how quickly it went by. This evening we made a bonfire in the garden, and dinner consisted of twistbread with sausages and home made potato salad. MMmmmmmm!

Now we return to the usual drill – which is also quite alright!


  1. celia says:

    Woww sounds so fun!For me it’s amazing how quick and easily you can go from one country to another, that’s what living in an island has in the cons, list, lol…

  2. Creature of Habit says:

    How long is the drive to Amsterdam? Sounds wonderful – I really want to take some time to spend in all of Denmark/Netherlands/Sweden…. like 3 or 4 weeks! 🙂

    Marlinde is precious, and I love Ronja’s coat!

  3. Yvonne says:

    Marlinde is absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing photos of newborns.

    The last time I was in Amsterdam was more than 10 years ago. I loved it!

  4. Ulla says:

    Selvom det kan være lidt trist at undvære familien når de starter igen, så har du ret: hverdagen er også helt okay…

    Hvor dejligt at i har haft en god ferie. Du har bestemt vækket min interesse for at besøge Amsterdam. Den virker til at være vidunderlig.

  5. Annette says:

    Dejligt at I har nydt ferien – Amsterdam lyder bestemt som en overvejelse værd på to-see-listen.
    Og sikke et sødt lille pus, din lille niece :o)

  6. Sarah says:

    hear, hear on the toy shops! When I was just 8 weeks pregnant with Clark, Paul and I took a trip to Amsterdam, Brugges, and Brussels. Our souvenirs of the vacation were mostly toys we bought in anticipation of our new baby! Almost 4 years later I see him playing with them and they are special for many reasons.
    That is a beautiful picture of your niece. Were I your sister-in-law I’d enlarge it and frame it!

  7. Karin says:

    I live in Holland, the north. Yes, your´re right: Amsterdam is beautiful. Next time you go there, go for homeshopping at KNSM-eiland. You can take a bus from central staion. There you find original shops like: Sissy Boy Homeland (, Pol´s Potten ( Keet in Huis( The last one is really nice if you have kids.

    For A smaller version of Amsterdam nearer by Danmark: Groningen

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