What’s in a name?

Ronja has been having lots of fun writing the name of her new cousin. This was her first attempt…

[Image deleted]

She’s really into writing at the moment – constantly asking about letters, spellings, and finding the letters for her own and our names everywhere. I love the fact that she’s learning for fun – you go girl!


  1. rikki says:

    She is so sweet. How far away is it to visit?? Will she be able to see alot of her new cousin? She is such an experienced big sister, she should be very sweet with Marlinde. Also I was curious about your travel time to Greece, and the campsite you stayed at, did you carry your gear or rent it equipped??

  2. Karen says:

    Congratulations on being an auntie! Welcome home. I’m sorry to hear about Ronja’s fever and Frida’s needle-knees, but the vacation looks wonderful nonetheless!

  3. Astrid says:

    Lisa – Yes, she is a lefty. Imagine all that creativity! 🙂

    rikki – sorry for the late response here – vacation getting in the way… Amsterdam is a ten hours drive away. I hope my brother and I will be able to overcome the distance even with the children, so that they will get to know each other well. Our travel time to Greece was almost 3 hours by plane. It took an hour and a half on a bus to get to the campsite, so that was alright. The way we traveled the cottage tents are already up, and there’s mattresses, table, chairs, gas burner, fridge – well, pretty much what you need. You still need to bring bedding and towels, but I like the concept. The travel arranger for this kind of travel in Denmark is called Sun Tours.

    Yvonne – 🙂

    Mellissa – OMG – now I see this! Thank you so much, I appreciate it so much! 🙂

    Frøken Solhat – nej, er det ikke dejligt! 😉

    Karen – thank you! 😉

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