After the rain

Mads is out biking with the cycling club, even though he was checking the sky every two minutes trying to foresee whether the next heavy shower was on its way. Ronja is dancing and singing on the couch to the tones of the MGP Nordic from last year, and Frida is napping in her room.

Changing weather 

The weather has been constantly changing this past couple of days, and we have had some rain. Most of the peonies have succumbed – they are lying flat in the grass, and in spite of the splendour of the flowers, they are a bit of a sorry sight. Some are standing up to the rain, though – they have just come out and they are doing just fine, even with the windy weather and the rain. I adore the shape of this one!


Since Wednesday, we haven’t been doing much other than spending time together, enjoying the fact that the house and the renovating isn’t constantly demanding us at the moment. We have lots of projects, of course, but no urgent ones. Mads finished painting the footings of the house and installing the new downpipes, and it looks very nice, so we will take the next projects when we have the energy for them.

Yesterday we went shopping. Some of our good friends are getting married next weekend, and we needed to find something to wear for the wedding. I’m not really sewing that much for myself yet – I am not quite ready for all the fitting you need to go through when sewing for yourself. Granted, it is easier to sew for children. So Mads found what he needed, and I found myself a beautiful dress from the Danish fashion brand Minus.

Now, I’m going to start cleaning the house a bit – one of my old friends is coming down for dinner tonight along with her boyfriend, that Mads and I haven’t met before, so we’ re looking very much forward to that. Now Ronja is also starting to get a bit restless, so I should probably get her to help me out. (Did I hear anyone laughing..?)  😉

Finally – I just want to share this one with you:

Dottie Dress

Dottie dress from enfant-terrible in New York

I think it looks beautiful – I love the simplicity combined with this awsome fabric. Have to try copying that for Frida!


  1. angie.a says:

    Astrid, I have that fabric! I’ve had it in my stash for 5 or 6 years probably. I have the more pastel colorway. It’s called “soft spot” and its manufactured by Alexander Henry. Mine is copyright 2001. I hoard, LOL. 😀

  2. Astrid says:

    Kitou – Thank you! 😉

    Angie.a – You are one lucky woman! 🙂 Thanks for providing the name and manufacturer – now I will be on the look out! Haven’t found it yet, though… 😉

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