A thief in the night…

Poppies - Ronja is drawing in the background 

What you see here is my very first blooming poppy (yep, that’s the one I posted about last time) – and another one with it. That must have been the second one, and I never got to see it in the garden. Why? Well…..

 This morning I got up to feed Frida at 5:10 a.m. Ronja got up a bit later, and immediately got dressed, because she wanted to go out to play – early, yes, but no problem! When I had finished feeding Frida and was on my way upstairs to change her and get her dressed, I was just looking out the window to check on Ronja. And what did I see? Ronja with a bucket full of flowers she had picked, mostly tulips but among those was our very first blooming poppy – as well as the second one which must have come out today. I ran downstairs and out into the garden to tell her to please leave the rest of the flowers where they belong. Once I got outside she stood there with her wild morning hair, arranging the flowers on the garden table for me! 😉  What can you possibly say to that!

WOW - poppies are beautiful

We agreed that next time she wants to pick flowers, she should check with me first, because if she picks my peonies once they start blooming, we may come to a more severe difference of opinion.

 But it was actually really sweet of her and we put all of the flowers in water – now they’ll just last as long as they can.


  1. Jakob says:


    I bet you’ve had a nice day! We’ve just put some furniture together for all the clothes you’re going to send…

  2. Frøken Solhat says:

    Så sprang de dine valmuer….jeg kan så udemærket godt forstå at din skønne datter ikke kunne stå for dem :0)Skøn blog du har her – er nok nød til at kigge ind igen ;0)

  3. Astrid says:

    Jakob – we did. Mads has been working on the whitewashing on the other end wall, so I have been taking care of the girls. I just realized we have no moving boxes, so I’ll have to go get a box tomorrow for your little girl’s wardrobe. 😉

    Frøken Solhat – Ja, det gjorde de, og jeg forstår nok også godt min datter. Det er lige præcis derfor jeg tænker, at hun kommer til slet ikke at kunne modstå de prinsesseagtige pæoner… 😉 Tak skal du have – du er meget velkommen!

  4. Mormor says:

    Er hun da ikke et englebarn!!
    Ja, det er i sandhed en balancegang på en knivsæg at være mor – sommetider :o)

  5. Sarah says:

    That picture made me laugh so much as my son as the same blond hair that is just a giant cloud about his head in the morning. Your poppies are gorgeous!

  6. Astrid says:

    Mormor – ja, den var svær! 😉

    Sarah – Isn’t that hair fabulous? I don’t think that gravity exists in the world of Ronja’s hair… P.S. If you’re talking about the Michael Miller bias binding, I’m totally jealous – I have been discussing with myself whether I really need it for the last few months… 😉

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