The written word

So! Yesterday was the day when Ronja started to write!

It began at lunch when Ronja was looking at the different wrappings on the table and suddenly going: “That’s the same letter as in my name”. I was impressed and asked her if she knew what the letter was called, and to my great surprise, she did! So we went on finding the letters for her name on all the different wrappings and cartons on the table. Lots of fun!
Then at dinner, we had a bottle of wine on the table (after all it was Saturday), and she went on to do the same thing finding the letters for her name. When we had finished our dinner, we were talking about it, and Ronja wanted to try writing something. Mads and I showed her how to write our names, and she just did! I was amazed – what a proud mom! Here are the results: (“mor” = mom and “far” = dad).

Today Ronja started writing

She has a funny technique which I think kind of shows an overview. When she doesn’t really know where to start with a letter, she turns it into a dot-to-dot drawing by marking the dots first, and then connecting them. You see this very clearly in the ‘M’ for MOR. Very appropriate in this “Connecting the dots”-blog.

I have taken a walk in the garden, armed with my camera. Inspired by many other blogs at the moment, I wanted to show you what is “going on” in our garden at the moment. I ended up taking so many pictures, that it turned into a garden mosaic. So here you are – isn’t a garden a wonderful place?

The garden right now

Starting from the middle and continuing from the top, left to right, this is: 1. Blue cornflower, 2. Giant poppy, 3. Lilac, 4. Frida’s Katsura tree, 5. Globe-flower, 6. Red tulip, 7. Apple flower on the old apple tree, 8. Rhubarb, 9. Strawberry flowers, 10. Dandelion, 11. A snail found it’s way to one of the new apple trees, 12. Peony, 13. Pink tulips
Mind you, I didn’t forget the dandelions – we have more than plenty! 🙂

Finally, I promised you a modeled pic of the “China grass” dress, so here it is.


  1. sarah says:

    Oh, it’s even sweeter on the model! It goes so beautifully with her coloring. And how exciting on the writing! I’m always so thrilled by each little step forward….although I get a little sad every step they take away from babyhood too.

  2. Sarah says:

    Astrid, I am charmed by your garden photographs as we live ever so far apart and yet have so many of the same flowers blooming in our gardens! Also, the blue cornflower runs rampant in our garden and I never knew what it was. I just participated in a “garden bloggers bloom day”, which was quite fun and you get to see what’s blooming in other folks’ gardens. You will very similar photos to yours on my site!

  3. Astrid says:

    sarah – thank you so much, I know excactly what you mean about the steps. However, having a baby also, I think I’m mostly thrilled about Ronja’s steps forward. 🙂

    Sarah – I know, I have been spending quite some time looking at your photos too! You have such a beautiful garden!

    Ulla – tak skal du have! Det er altså sjovt, når ens barn lige pludselig sidder og kender og kan skrive bogstaverne – sådan fra det ene øjeblik til det andet.

  4. Jeannine McCloskey says:

    Beautiful pictures. I love looking at the flowers, they are so inspiring. Sometimes I hate that we are always moving. I am never around when my garden matures. I do however, get great pleasure in knowing that we have started alot of gardens.
    Of course, your little one looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress. I love AB fabric.

  5. Katja says:

    Hold op det er vildt – Dicte er ikke engang i nærheden af at interessere sig for bogstaver endnu. Men mon ikke det kommer inden hun skal i skole 🙂

    Og hvor ser den godt ud på, den kjole. Måske man kunne tigge sig til modellen….. har en drøm om at jeg får syet lidt til øglen også 😉

  6. Astrid says:

    Jeannine – I think it’s a great thing to start a garden! I would have never had a garden like this if it wasn’t for the old woman living here before us. It deserves great respect!

    Katja – det er altså også næsten kommet ud af det blå med Ronja – jeg ved ikke rigtig, hvor hun kan så meget fra, ud over at hun da ser sit eget navn en del. Kjolen stammer fra bladet Ottobre (som rigtig meget af det jeg syr) – klik på billedet, så ligger alle detaljerne om nummer osv. i tags’ene. 😉

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