We have colour!

Getting there

Above you see the end wall of our house a few hours ago, just before the light disappeared, leaving the sky to the almost full moon.

Mads managed to white wash the entire end wall after work today! To us it looks wonderful – being something that we have waited for for a long time. The colour (oxide yellow) still has to dry before we can get the correct impression of it, and it was just a bit dark, when Mads finished tonight, but I simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to take a picture of it. I love the fact that it creates such a stark contrast to the white windows, and I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like in sunshine. Mads isn’t quite done with all of the woodworks, but he has to get the tall end walls done first, since we have been lucky enough to borrow a scaffold. We can only keep it over the weekend, so first projects are woodworks and white wash on both end walls.

White washing the house - mosaic

When we got up this morning, the rain gutters which we ordered yesterday had already arrived. I must say, we have only had good experiences with the level of service at e-vvs (update: now closed) – and I can’t even remember how many times we ordered stuff for our house from them. Many!

Earlier today I went out into the street to take a shot of our house with the painted woodworks. Nothing spectacular about that, but being out there, I just could not help but point my camera in a different direction.


These are rhododendrons at our next-door neighbours house – it’s an amazing sight when they’re all in full bloom! And as nothing changed in my garden during the day, I’m going to share this sight with you guys. Isn’t it amazing? Someone has green fingers…


  1. Jakob says:

    That house has just gone through extreme make-over in the time that you’ve had it. I bet it goes “aaaaaaaaaah, that felt GOOD!”

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