Easter at the weekend cottage by the water

Our small weekend cottage

Well back from the little weekend cottage I thought I’d write a few words.

First, I have to say I was wrong about the geography. I didn’t do much research before we went there, since the important thing was to get a bit away from it all. However, the cottage was situated in Kyndbyhuse which is – some will know – not by Roskilde Fjord, but by Isefjord.

The cottage was really small – 10 square meters – but also very cosy. Getting to the water was easy – out of the door and down the wooden stairs and you were there. With the water just outside, the view was amazing and the place was really quiet and undisturbed.

Ronja and Daddy collecting stones by the water

We arrived Friday and it was terribly windy (which must be why they place windmills up there), but Saturday and Sunday the weather was fantastic and totally “pre-summer”-like. The two and a half days were spent relaxing, going for walks, throwing stones in the water, eating well, and looking at fishermen and airplanes. We actually barbecued the first night in spite of the wind, and the second night Ronja slept so well, that Mads and I could sit by the fire all night, talking and enjoying the view of the stars and the sea. Not a bad way to spend a night as early as April.

Sunday we celebrated Easter in the morning – Mads and Ronja went to get some bread, and I stayed back to make coffee and prepare breakfast – and of course Ronja’s easter egg. She loved getting all that chocolate, and she didn’t eat any “real” breakfast that morning. Let’s not make a habit of that… ;o)

Now, we’re back home – going to work tomorrow after a nice and slow Easter vacation. (More pictures from our trip can be found here.)

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