Bathing in the garden

A lot of things have happened since I last wrote.

Summer has arrived, which is a great thing. The house is expanded into the garden, and much of our time is spent outdoors – working, relaxing, playing, etc. Mads’ birthday was the 3rd of June, and among other things he received a Weber fireplace, which has already given us several cosy evenings in the garden around the fire. On the evening of his birthday we celebrated by going to a nice restaurant without Ronja – and we had the best time. House of Souls as the restaurant is called is always good for a guaranteed positive food experience in a wonderful and friendly atmosphere. We rounded off the evening with “The Da Vinci Code” – my personal opinion of the movie is that it’s better than its reputation – though not a masterpiece. We definitely had a really nice evening!

Mads finished his education as a technical designer with a fine result two weeks ago, and he’s now permanently employed, modelling 3D in the plant space design department in DONG Energy where he also worked as an intern. So that’s the end of fulltime education for this couple – at least for a little while… ;o)

Now we’re going to concentrate on our house. The plan is to rebuild the entire second floor on the inside, and that is actually what Mads’ final project on his education was about. Good thing he got a good grade – now we dare use the drawings… ;o) Take a look here (pdf) if you want to see a 3D drawing of the house the way it will look – when we’re done! Notice that you can rotate the drawing, look inside and other cool stuff (if you have Adobe Reader 7.0 that is – otherwise you can get it for free )! We ordered the new doors and windows yesterday, which is a big thing. The choice fell on Outline Vinduer after researching the market thoroughly, and now we’re looking forward to seeing the windows arrive in approximately 10 weeks.

Ronja is learning new words all the time, and she has also started combining them, which makes way for a good laugh once in a while. She enjoys the good weather as much as anyone – running around in the garden finding snails, picking flowers and making sand cakes.

Everything’s fine – though at the moment Ronja and I are both spending a few days at home with severe sore throats, which is less amusing. Well, well – it’ll pass, and I do believe the summer is still there when it does.

A penny for your thoughts?

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