I’m siiiiinging in the rain…..

Yep – that’s right! It has been raining a lot the past week, and I know that some people complain about it, but really, it’s just a sign that the temperature is so high the snow comes down in the shape of rain – which means that spring is on its way. I was wrong last time – we had lots of snow until the middle of March, and we had several sled rides after my last post. This time I think I’m right. We have lots and lots of crocus in the garden, as well as winter aconite and snowdrop – and I do believe the daffodils are even on their way. I cleaned all the windows yesterday, so we’re definitely ready for the sun to start shining.

We went to the ZOO at the end of February. We received annual passes for the ZOO as a Christmas present, and now the weather was mild enouh for a ZOO-trip. Ronja had so much fun – she loved the little trolley we rented for her and she was gawping at the monkeys, the elephants, the lions, the seals and – well, I could go on. We just had a really great time!

For shrovetide Ronja ended up going as a ladybird. She looked really cute, and maybe next year for shrovetide she won’t be so shy… ;o) Mads and I were both there, and she didn’t leave us at all – she didn’t want to tilt at the barrel, so she stayed with us and watched the other kids going at it. Fair enough, I guess.

A while ago Mads and I decided to replace our desktop computers with laptops. We have been using an old laptop instead of our desktops, and the result has been that our office upstairs hasn’t really been put to good use. So Mads bought a Dell Inspiron 6000, and I bought a Dell Inspiron 630M. We chose Dell because it seemed that we got the most value for our money in these, and so far we’re both really pleased with the new purchases. We have partly financed the computers through selling our old desktop computers and the old laptop and we’re much happier with the new solution.

I went running today in the rain, and I had a tough but nice run after I have been down with a sore throat for a while. I have discovered a really great tool for measuring running routes in Denmark, which I have added to my link collection on this site. It’s called the iFORM Running Route Planner. Many other tools are used to measure running routes, but this one in particular is very user-friendly, it shows the maps in air photos as well as ordinary maps, and it even allows you to search other people’s saved routes in the area you wish to run in. Definitely worth recommendation.

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