A New Fleece Sweater for Ronja

The summer vacation came and passed, and it left me with a few things:

  • Increased energy level (love it!)
  • A dream on its way to realisation (love it – you’ll hear more about that!)
  • An understanding that after the third weatherwise terrible summer in Denmark, maybe we just don’t have summer anymore (hate it – someone should pay!)

With this final understanding, I was forced to take seriously, that Ronja outgrew the latest fleece sweater I made for her. She needed a new one.

Hooded Ronja

This is what I made. It’s an Onion pattern – #20024 – I don’t think it’s actually sold anymore. I made a size 128, and had to shorten the sleeves by 5 cm before I added the rib cuffs. That’s my only alteration, except for making the facing at the bottom of the sweater slightly longer. I made a horse appliqué on the back of the sweater for my horse crazy girl – I think it turned out great, and Ronja really loves the sweater as well as the appliqué. The only thing I would alter if I could, is the hood. It looks so sweet when she wears it up, but it is rather big. However, as long as Ronja doesn’t seem to mind, I guess it’s ok.

Ronja's new fleece sweater

Besides the fact that I’m quite happy with the result, I’m SOOOO happy about sewing again (besides cushion covers for the boat)! I have moved on to making a dress for Frida, which you will see shortly. I love sewing – I really do!


  1. Medr1e says:

    Hurray for new sewing! Ronja is gorgeous, and the fleece sweater looks lovely on her. I like how the big hood frames her face and really shows off the contrast fabric.

  2. Millie says:

    It is so pretty on her. I really miss sewing when I take a break from it too…so glad you are finding some time to sew.
    I can’t wait to hear more about this dream of yours….

  3. Astrid says:

    Thanks, Medrie and Millie – and yes, hurray for sewing indeed! I’ll add a few words to the blog about the dream before long – it IS really exciting!

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