Ring On My Finger

Guess you don’t hear much from me at the moment. But I mean – WOW… Life is so busy at the moment. This here below is one of the few breathing spaces Mads and I have taken lately.


The picture is from a minicriuse Mads and I took to Oslo in Norway, without kids. DFDS Seaways have a route from Copenhagen to Oslo, and we booked a cruise for our 10 years boyfriend-girlfriend anniversary. It was a wonderful trip. The girls had their grandmother looking after them, and Mads and I could enjoy a few days of total relaxation in each others company. The first evening, we had dinner in a restaurant aboard the boat with a panoramic view of the sea and the setting sun, and Mads totally topped it off by taking me to the deck later on and breaking out that question, you know…!




Even though we were limited to 7 hours in Oslo, we enjoyed every minute of them. Walking across Oslo to Bogstadveien, taking the bus up to Holmenkollen (the ski jumping hill) with the amazing view of the Oslo bay, admiring the sculptures of the Vigeland Park, and drinking latte in the sun every chance we got. We had sunshine and high temperatures, and we really had nothing to complain about – as dull as it may seem.



Today it is Mads’ birthday and he is not even here – he is working in Hull, England.

So Mads – lots of kisses from your girls – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

By the way, Mads got his ‘yes’ without too much trouble. 🙂



  1. Ulla V. says:

    Først og fremmest hjertelig tillykke, Astrid. :)) Hvor fint at sådan en dejlig tur udmundede i et frieri. Jeres piger blev garanteret glade over at dele overraskelsen og glæden med jer.

    Sådan en tur med skib har vi også tænkt på. Bare en dag eller to til Göteborg – helt alene…

    Hav det nu godt. :))

  2. Jeannet says:

    Kære Astrid.
    Stort tillykke. Hvor dejligt for jer. Man bliver nu aldrig for gammel til lidt romantik og klart man kan da ikke sige nej til sådan en dejlig overraskelse.
    Kan næsten regne ud du har travlt med job og familie.
    Hav det godt.
    kh Jeannet

  3. Anne Dyrholm Stange says:

    Åh, Astrid, hvor topromantisk, tillykke tillykke med det 🙂

    Et par dages voksentid skulle være lovkrav til travle småbørnsforældre, okay måske også til os med knap så små, det giver så meget lige at få det break i tosomhed…

  4. Heidi says:

    Hjertelig tillykke. Håber I får en skøn skøn dag. Min mand og jeg har været på cuise Kiel-Oslo – det var bare super skønt. Og Oslo er ALTID et besøg værd.

  5. Rohaise says:

    Congratulations! What a lovely romantic thing to do. Where your daughters excited when you got back and told them?!

  6. Astrid says:

    Sweet people!!! Thank you so much!

    To answer a few of your questions – the girls were definitely picturing me as Barbie wearing a white glittery dress (yep, Ronja has one of those…), Mads playing the part of the prince, and themselves in a dream of softed images! We’ll see what we get planned – I would expect something more down to earth.

    That’s all for now – I just hope you all have the weather we are having here (finally!!!) – now go out and enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  7. Teresa says:

    This a wonderful reason to come out of lurkdom and say Congratulations to all of you! Now you can make a beautiful dress for yourself and for your darling girls for the wedding!

    And Happy Birthday to Mads!

  8. Frøken Solhat says:

    Hvor smukt Astrid og hjertlig tillykke til jer begge :0) Dejligt med sådan en tur i tosomhed…..det burde alle gøre i ny og næ og turen op igennem Oslofjorden er helt ubeskrivelig smuk.


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