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We’re back home! Moved back Sunday after two weeks in the Bed & Breakfast, and let me tell you: Two weeks of four people living in a one-room B&B can work if it needs to, but it’s not something I would do for fun. Even though we have nothing but a raw concrete floor in the kitchen area of our house at the moment, I just love being back home!

So what did you miss? Let me see – oh yes, Ronja had a wonderful birthday, and thank you so much for all your sweet birthday wishes!

5 years

We celebrated her birthday morning as usual, waking her up with a birthday song, presents, and breakfast. After breakfast we had to hurry outside, because Ronja got roller skates as well as a big trampoline (together with Frida who will be 2 in a month) – it all had to be tried, of course. Mads had set up the trampoline in our garden the day before, and even though it was still wet from dew, it was a huge hit with both Ronja and Frida. She caught on to the roller skating easier than what I would have thought, but it was still a bigger challenge than what it appears below…

Roller skating is fun

Back in our house, Mads has been working hard. We now have a concrete floor in the kitchen, and yesterday after work we went to choose some tiles for the floor. We’re already pretty much decided on what kitchen we want, and finding the domestic appliances is coming along slowly – we don’t want the kitchen to get too expensive, so we’re trying to get us some good bargains, as we would rather not compromise too much on quality or design. For those of you who are dealing with similar projects, there are so many people out there who bought something for their house, and then realized they made a mistake for some reason. That way, you can get new stuff relatively cheap (25-50 % off compared to the price in the shops) at places like eBay or the like – in Denmark we have Mads and I use that a lot.

I have added a few pictures from the process below, but if you’d like to see more – go here. It seems that you guys have as much faith in Mads as I do, so let’s see how quickly our kitchen will take shape. 🙂


A layer of leca stone topped with insulation

Pex tubing for the floor heat

The finished concrete floor


  1. Millie says:

    Well done on getting back home. I’m sure you’re all very glad. The first 2, of our 8 Velux went in yesterday, This renovation business is tiring!I look foward to seeing your new tiles and the new kitchen.

  2. Astrid says:

    Millie – congrats on the windows – you’re quick! Sorry about not getting back to you on the sizes, but I just couldn’t remember, you know a lot is going on at the moment… It IS tiring, but you and I both can’t wait for the end results, right? 🙂

  3. Jeannet says:

    Hej Astrid
    Sikken et arbejde. Jeg glæder mig til at se det færdige projekt.
    Savner du ikke din symaskine? Jeg får abstinenser når jeg ikke har været i nærheden af den i et par dage(o:
    4 mennesker i et værelse i 14 dage er laaang tid. Men det ser ud til at i alligevel har formået at hygge jer.
    Tillykke til med Vidunderet. 5 år tiden går hurtigt. Man skal huske at nyde dem.

  4. Millie says:

    No problem at all. We got to see some at a friend’s house on Sunday and went for the next size bigger….We have no intentions of being short of light! I took photos today. I’m not getting any sewing done though, just trying to finish some hand quilting.

  5. Barb says:

    I agree…no fun to have to leave your home for any length of time…I’m sure you are glad you are back! Such a sweet picture of your daughter with her cake…what a big day for her!! Well done Mads….keep up the good work!!

    P.S. I love the color of the outside of your home…that bright mustard yellow…it looks so pretty in the picture above next to the blue, blue sky.

  6. Lis says:

    Velkommen hjem!! Hvis man altså kan sige det, når det nu er dit hus og ikke mit – du ved, hvad jeg mener;) Det er i øvrigt en rigtig fin trappe I har der. Lige sådan en vi står og mangler til vores projekt 1.sal.

    Astrid, jeg vil gerne sende dig en mail, men jeg kan simpelthen ikke finde et sted, hvor den står. Vil du måske skrive ‘hej’ til mig på, så jeg kan få nogle ord sendt i din retning?

    Kh, Lis

  7. susy pavlov says:

    Quero te dizer,adorei sua casa,mesmo estando em reformas,amo construções antigas,carregam toda uma história familiar e isto me encanta,imaginar quem viveu ali,o que se passou naquele período,muito instigante,além da construção é claro.
    Espero que as reformas tenham ficado a seu contento.

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