Matryoshka Appliqué Blouse

I got around to taking pictures of Frida’s blouse, when I came home from work today. I so enjoy the fact that it’s light outside when I get home from work – it makes a world of difference to me.

Matryoshka appliqué blouse - mosaic

I have to say, I really like this blouse, and I love how the appliqué turned out! The pattern for the blouse doesn’t come in a size this small so I had to downsize it, and it seems to be a little short. If it’s too much so, I’ll lengthen it with some of the purple flower fabric, but we’ll see about that. The pattern for the appliqué is from the latest issue of Ottobre. I made the blouse from white linen, and edged it with fabric from Stof og Stil. The appliqué is made from different pieces from my stash.

** UPDATE **

Some of you would like to know that the pattern for this appliqué as well as a few other cute ones is found available for free download on the Ottobre Design website – get it here!


Also, I received an award a few days ago.


Helinä is the sweet giver, and you should go have a look at her blog, because she makes such beautiful things. (The last one up is a completely adorable little dress!) She writes in Finnish, so most of you will either need to drop by her site in Google Translator or just browse through the beautiful photos. Thank you so much Helinä – I really appreciate it!


  1. Maria says:

    Absolutely fabulous blouse! This is right place for the award, Your blog is so lovely. I’m always glad to notice that you have updated 🙂

  2. Mette says:

    The blouse is so pretty! The matryohka is super sweet and very well made.

    I love the lazy cat in the background:-)

    It is energizing to have the natural light back in the morning and the afternoon. Spring is here!

  3. Helinä says:

    You did it again – so adorable little blouse 🙂 ! I love the applique and the fabric combinations.
    And I’m glad if you liked the award. You make me smile so often through your wonderful work and the way you write this blog so it is nice to let you know that =). By the way, I started to write in English as well so that there would be something more than only pictures for non-Finnish sewers as well.

  4. Jeannet says:

    Hej Astrid Hvor er den fantastisk. Du er altså vildt kreativ og super god til sammensætninger. Den er sød den lille barbuska dukke- hun må være stolt af sin mor din datter (o:

  5. ~Maria~ says:

    I have been visiting here many many times, but never left any comments. But finally now I do! Your work is absolutely wonderful and I get a lot of inspiration from your pictures and enjoy your lovely way to write. And it is very nice you use so much Ottobre patterns, so it´s easy to follow the inspiration! 😉 Thank you!

  6. Marina says:

    Kære Astrid. Jeg fatter ikke hvordan du gør det. Gang på gang overgår du dig selv og syr tøj som må gøre dine piger lykkelige.

    Forhåbenligt når I at få jaget sygdommen ud af huset så Frida ikke skal vente, for det ville næsten ikke være til at bærer.

  7. Astrid says:

    Maria – thank you so much!

    Mette – thanks! The lazy cat would be an easy ingredient to any shot – it’s sleeping the day away somewhere in the house at all times! 😉

    Teri – thank you!

    Amy – thanks! The cat is Freja, and she is quite big – we have her on a constant diet, but it has absolutely no effect – too many lazy mice in the garden, I believe… 😉

    Helinä – thank you so much! I noticed you’re writing in English, but not until after I wrote the post – it’s wonderful!

    Jeannet – tusinde, tusinde tak, hvor er du sød! 🙂

    Maria – I’m so glad you did leave a comment then! I love to learn about new readers and discover your blogs! Thank you! 🙂

    Marina – hvor er du sød! Mht. sygdommen, så tror jeg ikke helt på det længere – nu må vi se…

    Prinsessapieni – I’m glad you did find your way here – I love your blog as well! Thanks!

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