Light and shadow

The snow is falling. Trucks go by to salt the roads every now and then, and the weather forecasts predict more snow in the days to come. Don’t get me wrong, I like snow – really! In December, when it provides the Christmas decorations and lights with a certain atmosphere that reaches beyond commercialization from the tradespeople and hectic Christmas preparations. And in January, because that’s really one of the few things that the dark month has working in its favour. I love the sound of my boots in the crunchy snow, and to go sled riding with the kids.

But hey – I was ready for spring! It’s almost light when I leave for work in the morning now, and it’s not yet dark when I come home. The birds have started singing several times a day, and I want to sew stuff for spring.

Light and shadow 

This picture was taken Sunday in the afternoon after Fastelavn. I should mention that we – almost literally – haven’t seen the sun for weeks. And the few times that we have, it has been a glimpse through the grey, grey clouds, and then gone again… However, Sunday the sun was shining from a blue sky most of the day, and it was wonderful and much needed. It just has that incredible effect on your state of mind. Ronja was playing with shadows, and I grabbed my camera to catch it. I love this picture.

Now we go back to looking forward to the next sunbeam. In the meantime, if the snow stays, I’m sure Ronja will be thrilled – and Frida just might as well!


  1. Rosanna says:

    Hold da op, hvor jeg lige præcis ved hvad du mener, for jeg har det på nøjagtigt samme måde. Jeg var også begyndt at hygge mig ved tanken om snarligt forår, jeg var på udkig efter de første forårsbebudere i haven… faktisk fandt jeg de første skud fra de tulipaner jeg gravede ned sidste sommer, mere eller mindre tilfældigt.
    Og nu er det hele hvidt – eehhh, også er det ovenikøbet så smukt derude…!

  2. Creature of Habit says:

    I love winter, but we got a little spring tease today because it was 65 degrees and sunny! I was walking home and the sun had not quite set and I carried my coat…. spring will be here before we know it!

    ps – beautiful photo!

  3. Astrid says:

    Jeannine – 🙂

    Rosanna – Du har ret – det er jo ovenikøbet smukt. Og vi nåede at kælke i går – hele familien. Uden forkølede næser. Og så drak vi varm kakao bagefter – hvad brokker jeg mig over? 😉

    Teri – it won’t be long! 😉

    Amy – Sounds like a wonderful walk home – you could almost taste spring, right? Thanks! 🙂

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