And the winners are…

So alright – I’ll admit, I have been busy. With December 1st coming up, I’ve had my hands full – haven’t you?

Evening view 

 Getting ready for December 1st in this house means doing a lot of things. I have been making an Advent wreath (well actually, that was for today), a decoration for the Advent candle, a gift calendar for Ronja – Frida isn’t quite old enough for one with 24 gifts yet, so I made her an Advent calendar, with a small gift for each Advent Sunday. Also this weekend, Ronja attended a princess gala birthday party at a friend’s house – and I accidentally promised her a new dress for the big event. That ate up a few afternoons…

And of course, what’s also special about this year’s December 1st is that it’ll be my first day at work since Frida was born. Still trying to wrap my mind around that one – and I’m pretty sure that Mads feels the same way! He’s going to be taking care of Frida at home for the rest of the time until her surgery to close her cleft palate, which will take place when she’s around 1½ years old. We don’t have the excact date, but he’ll be SAHD (Stay At Home Dad) for probably 5-6 months. Exciting!

However, I have been stretching your patience – I know. Sorry about that! Since Ronja is in bed by now, Mads just played the role of the goddess of fortune – and a very pretty one too, if I may say – and he drew the following lucky names out of the hat:

Winner of the pattern #10015 is Tara at Learning from Chavah

Winner of the pattern #20039 is Jenny

Congratulations to the winners! And to those of you that didn’t win, thank you so much for all your sweet comments – please come back for the next give-away. I’m putting the next two patterns (a kids pattern and an adult pattern) up within the next week. I’ll also need to tell you about all the other stuff – the princess dress, the Advent calendar, the Advent wreath, Ronja’s recent snow experience, our trip to Gisselfeld Christmas market, Frida’s recent breakthrough – gee, I’m behind!

Guys – now December 1st is not coming up anymore – it’s here. I’m off to find my bed!  😉


  1. Lisa says:

    Best of luck on your first day back to work! You must be so excited. That is excellent that Mads can stay home with Frida. My husband stayed home with Saga for the first year and a half. Can’t wait to hear about your “new life”.

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