White world

 I woke up to a beautiful sight this morning. Our garden is covered in snow, the sun is shining, and moments ago I sent Mads and Ronja off with a sled to play in the snow.

Ice on the branches 

So what am I doing back here? I’m sitting on the couch, covered with a warm duvet. Frida and I took over Mads’ flu that put him out of business for a few days, and now I just hope that she and I will be well for tomorrow when there’s a big Christmas party at Mads’ work.

Karen and her family were supposed to visit us today, but of course I had to cancel that as well. Bummer. However, 12 hours on a plane isn’t much fun if you’re coming down with the flu, so it’s a good thing they will be back sometime during the next year!

 I promised you guys a picture of Frida wearing the Dolly daisy dress, and this is it.

Frida modeling the Dolly daisy dress 

There was just no way to get her to stand and not chase the camera, so you will have to do with this sitting image of the dress. I can just see her wearing this dress along with the little red shoes from my own childhood – she’ll be adorable.

I have been receiving a few e-mails and comments about the Onion-patterns that I have used quite a bit. I think you will be interested to know, that coming up in my next post, I’ll be announcing a give-away. Maria from ShopOnion.com has been kind enough to donate some patterns for you guys – and no worries, the patterns come with an English translation. So check back soon! 🙂


  1. Jenny says:


    What a GORGEOUS picture of the weather outside!! I hope you and your sweet girl feel better soon, the flu is such a pain. I love the dress and look forward to the onion patterns post 🙂 Rest up!


  2. teri says:

    what a beautiful child! the dress is perfect for her.

    ice on the trees looks so magical. we don’t get very much snow, but we do get a fair amount of ice storms. i don’t like what happens to the electricity, but i do love to see everything glittering in the sunlight.

    ps. i will definitely be watching for the onion patterns. i have always wanted to try them.

  3. Jeannine McCloskey says:

    Oh I am sorry to hear that the two of you are not feeling good. I know exactly how you feel! Haha.
    Frida looks adorable in that dress, and I found the same fabric at Banberry Place if anyone is interested. Too bad I just finished ordering $100 worth of fabric from Buntefabrics, otherwise I would have grabbed it. She looks great in that dress. I cannot wait to try that pattern.
    Im sad to say that we never get snow in Florida. I cannot wait to introduce it to the kids.
    Oh yippee a giveaway, what a nice gesture. I will be there. Have a nice weekend even though you don’t feel good Astrid.

  4. Creature of Habit says:

    Beautiful photo Astrid….lovely.

    And I love Frida’s dress… you know, I was just at a new fabric store that had tons of similarly printed corduroy – 50% off. Regularly $5.99….I thought of you – so please let me know if you ever want me to pick some up for you! I mean it!

  5. Karen says:

    What beautiful ice! I hope you feel better soon. (hug)

    I cannot believe I didn’t buy any Onion Patterns while the stores were open! Oh well, next time!

  6. Astrid says:

    Jenny – Thank you so much! I’ll rest if you do the same! 🙂

    Teri – we actually don’t really have ice storms here – but I remember the wonderful movie “The Ice Storm” – it has stuck with me, partly due to the amazing weather conditions it portrays. Thank you! 😉

    Jeannine – wow – what a package you will be receiving in the mail soon then! I’m quite envious! Thanks! 🙂

    Amy – Thank you! Just commented on your blog – and as I said, I may just take you up on the offer. 🙂

    Karen – Thank you! I promise you, it’s a good thing we didn’t meet up today – I have been pathetic! Hope you have a safe flight tomorrow! 😉

  7. dana says:

    Oh, that first picture is really beautiful. Almost makes me want to live in the snow and ice :).
    The little brown dress looks even cuter on!

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