In the mail

A few days ago, I had a really good mail-day.

In the mail 

First of all, I was recently lucky enough to win two patterns over at Sarah’s blog. It’s the Feliz dress from Fledge, and the Anna wrap dress from Farbenmix. Both patterns look great and versatile – one is very dressy, and one – could be an every day dress as well as the opposite, I think.  Check out this Feliz dress f.ex., or Sarah’s Halloween-version of it. Also this version of the Anna dress is just fabulous – as is this one. Thank you, Sarah for the patterns – I have read so much about these patterns and seen numerous versions of them, so I can’t wait to try them.  🙂

Secondly, I received the new issue of Ottobre. Lots of delightful stuff in there – especially for Frida, but also some great things for Ronja. More fine corduroy needed!

 And then of course, I received the fairy fabric. Ronja wants me to make a dress immediately – however, I’m wondering what I could use it for, that will be warm enough for winter. I’m thinking maybe a tunic of some kind, but I may have to take that up with Ronja, since she is definitely picturing a fairy dress….!

 I’m working on something else for Ronja right now, so all these projects will have to wait just a bit. Even getting started with the current ‘thing’ is giving me enough trouble, but I think I’ll soon be ready to go. More on that when I get there…


  1. Karen says:

    Can you imagine the feliz in that fairy fabric? And one of those long-sleeved turtlenecks from the latest ottobre with coordinating fairy-fabric-covered buttons of course!

  2. Creature of Habit says:

    Oh how cute, that feliz pattern is great. I had an idea in my head for something similar, but opposite. It opened in the front and tied. But then I thought it would look funny. This design is much better! Lol….

    Can’t wait to see what you are working on for Ronja!

  3. Jeannine McCloskey says:

    How much luck and happiness can one person endure? I am sure that all these wonderful things kept your imagination going all day. I can just see you taking a run and thinking about what you can make with that lovely fabric, and what you need to buy for all those lovely patterns! Hmmmmmmmm! You see Astrid, i love my Etsy shop, but it is the little things like this I miss! Oh well, you can’t have it all.
    I cannot wait to see what you sew.

  4. Astrid says:

    Karen – I totally could, you are so creative! The Feliz dress is just such a party-dress – I would be afraid that she didn’t get enough chances to wear it. It wouldn’t be the one she wore to kindergarten, that’s for sure! 🙂 However, you may be right – it would be a dream to her, no doubt about that. And Sarah tells me, that the Feliz dress has amazing twirliness… 😉

    Amy – I love the Feliz too! And as for the other project – it won’t be too long before I start sharing… 🙂

    Jeannine – LOL, you are so right! I actually do think about my projects while I’m running – funny you should guess! I really do admire you for the shop-work – I would never be able to do that, I’m just way too slow at sewing… Don’t worry, everyone has their share of frustrations – that’s just the way it all works. 😉

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