Mark Linn’s resolution

Red tie On the S-train today on my way to work, I was reading a newspaper. It brought an interview with a guy called Mark Linn – a Danish musician who is about to release his second album. A few lines in the interview caught my attention – he was making a comment to what I said about New Years resolutions. OK – not directly, but he definitely put a smile on my face. So I had to take it online, and now it’s here for you to read.

“I wear a tie every day – it’s an old New Years resolution. I thought that if I started dressing like something was about to happen, then maybe something would happen…”


  1. anders says:

    Hi Astrid.
    On second thought I promise myself, that for the next two years only clear and present danger will make me run.
    Now I feel a whole lot better, no stress at all, so I’ll lie down, drink a sea of coffee while watching TV.
    Have a nice day and run for your life. Some fine day you might catch up. (-:
    Doirun. No. That was then.

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