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Every time I take pictures of Project Kitchen and get ready to upload them in the evening, by the time it’s done, Mads is several processes ahead of me. It’s no different today – and hats off to Mads, because he is working so hard to transform the room into a kitchen at the moment. We really are getting there too – just take a look below. Remember what it looked like a few months ago? Note to self: Tell Mads he is doing a helluva job!

Kitchen Progress - walls and ceiling have been primed

Kitchen Progress - walls and ceiling have been primed

Kitchen Progress - walls and ceiling have been primed

IKEATwo days ago, we took an important step by ordering the kitchen – isn’t it just totally exciting? We’re going with an IKEA kitchen – it’s quite simple but we’re aiming for a room that will be nice and welcoming to walk into, and something that’ll last for a good many years. Oh, I can’t wait! Just imagine what it’s like to have a dish washer again? We have been shopping for domestic appliances like oven, cook top, refrigerator, etc. the last couple of months – finding everything new – or nearly new – at great prices. That’s just something we do – we don’t mind doing our research thoroughly to save money, and it works really well for us!

Carving the pumpkin

Today, I have been working from home, because Ronja’s day care was closed for the day, so I needed to have her home with me. Not having my usual long transport at the end of my workday, made it possible for us to have fun in the late afternoon – so we made a carved pumpkin. I only had a really big knife (our kitchen is packed in moving boxes, as you know), so there’s not much detail to it, and the girls lost interest quite quickly. Anyhow, now he’s here – greeting passers by outside our house with style.

Our Pumpkin Patch


  1. karen says:

    Astrid – those simply, toothy jack-o-lanterns are my favorite.

    I’m so excited to see what the kitchen looks like. We spend more time researching than anything here, too. It definitely adds to the excitement of knowing you have exactly what you want at the best deal possible!
    Happy Hallowe’en!

  2. Kelli says:

    Your “Mads” is doing a great job! (I say it like that since I have a Mads too!LOL) And I love the jack o´lantern!! Very “american!!”

  3. Jolanda says:

    The kitchen looks already great. What a huge change. Can’t imagine what it looks like when it is finished. When are you receiving the ikea kitchen? Looking forward to see you guys soon!!

  4. Katja says:

    Hold op hvor bliver det lækkert – glæder mig til at se det færdige resultat her på bloggen. Flot gulv i har fundet jer.

  5. Millie says:

    How exciting! Your room is looking great. Mads is really doing a wonderful job. As for researching… I’m almost researched out!

  6. Maria Hansen says:

    Uhh, det blir jo skide godt det køkken. IKEA-køkkener har som du med garanti ved, vundet en hel del tester også – så jeg tror bestemt i har fundet det helt rette. Det blir SÅ lækkert 🙂

    Og hey, den taske du viser længere nede – den genkender jeg da vist fra et par lørdag siden hvad. Lagde mærke til den, da du skulle gå – den er rålækker.

    KH Maria.

  7. Jeannine says:

    Hi Astrid,
    Either I have not seen any updates on your blog or you have been incredibly busy. Well I just had to comment on your IKEA kitchen. In our first house as a married couple in Limeshain Germany, we ordered an IKEA kitchen. I loved it. We ordered white cabinets and a pine countertop. My mother and I designed the entire kitchen. It is still my favorite. IKEA sells some great items, and I can only recommend their kitchens. Good to see you and the family are doing well, and I am sure you will love your newly renovated house when it is done. Even if you have nothing to say, keep posting pictures of the kids.

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